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  1. Default Is this the Star of David?

    Or is this something else?

  2. Default

    It does resemble it, but I don't think the star of david has a circle in the middle.

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    I think the centre being circle is just some Nexon QUALITY.

  4. Default


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    There's that moon and sun thing too. I thought of Islam at first, but that's

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    Considering how much mythology there is in maple, at the very least, its definately inspired by the star of david.

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    Well, considering El Nath is primarily middle-eastern themed/based (without the sand), it makes sense. Also, grats on 54 Fiel.

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    I believe in christianism :P

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    It's call Christianity, heathen.

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    Middle Eastern but without the sand and with a lot of snow?

    El Nath is Tibet, and the six-pointed star is the Shatkona.

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    Ah, well then disregard. I had heard comparisons of Zakum to some mythological demon tree or something.

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    Zaquum or something like that is a demon tree that appears in the Quran, the muslim book. BUT, Zakum's also inspired by Mayas and Incas.

    On a side note, it is actually very hilarious that we're discussing the star of David and there's a muslim NPC right there.

  13. Won't Be Coming Back

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    yo Fiel, what happened to that thread you made a month or two after SP's creation that compared skill animations to mythology?

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    Yeah I've always wondered about that. For fks sake, there's a camel there too.

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    I think that was actually back when Fiel was a member of SW.

    Hm, not sure who to believe.
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    That topic wasn't even made by me - it was from someone else - although I did help with some of the animations for it.

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    No, not quite Matt. There was another topic that went over a lot more than just Zakum. The topic I'm thinking of is quite a few years old.

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    star of david ~



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