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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.222] The Aran Race

  1. Default [1.2.222] The Aran Race

    Here's my post from the other topic:

    alright, the 222 patch was uploaded and this one contains skill strings.

    It seems that this new class uses a sort of combo system to boost attack. This isn't combo like crusaders; it's something different entirely. This is like Street Fighter combos where certain keypresses cause you to do different moves, and different keypresses at certain times during a move causes different actions. Furthermore, the class gets boosts by chaining different skills together - so you get a WDEF and MDEF boost for chaining 10 attacks together within a specified time and such. Also, in order to perform certain attacks your combo counter (think Energy Charge for infighters) must be at a certain level.

    So, as can be easily seen, the +3 booster is necessary in order to perform the best combo attacks.

    Also, this class is a VERY MOB-ORIENTED class!

    If anyone can offer better translations than mine, please do!

    Beginner class - 아란

    First job - 아란

    Second job - 아란

    Third Job - 아란

    Fourth Job - 아란

    Just notes I'm leaving for myself

    For this thread, I'm not going to bother uploading any skill images or bother with fancy [table]'s. It's obvious to me that they will be changing many of them before its release. My purpose here is to get some of these strings translated so you guys have a better idea about what this class is all about. I'll be updating this thread throughout the day.

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    Whoa, that's cool. This is... kind of what I've been wanting. Too bad they didn't do this idea with Infighters, though. =/

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    No. That would be incredibly detrimental. You'll see why once I start posting the strings.

    By the way... one of the skill strings just blew me away and left me completely stunned. "Deal 2400% damage to boss monsters". Yeah, no typo there. It's really 2400%.

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    Edit : Nevermind.. O_O Wow, Fiel. That's crazy.

    Edit#2: Wow... I can't type worth pomegranate today. T_T

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    This class does not get an HP increase skill - at least not that I've noticed after looking through all the skills.

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    DO WANT.


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    There's an icon for it, though it may just be a place-holder. I thought I remember someone saying something about them having HP Increase like the warrior class, though.

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    So, if I had a stat build similar to my DrK, that's 2400% of around 5k damage at 13x. That's well over 100,000 damage O.o
    Yay for polearms breaking into 6 digits!

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    Well, I'm sure you'll have to perform some type of long ass combo to be able to perform that technique. Anything that powerful isn't going to be easily used. It'll probably be a 10 skill combo, then use that skill to finish off the combo or something.

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    Ahran sounds like something from the Ariant Desert or something. I hope they add a whole new area and not just a Maple Island V2.0 like Ereb. They sure are mixing up the gameplay a lot lately. So many years without change and then since pirates so much.

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    It'd be interesting if it was from different parts of the already known Maple World...

    Imagine Polearmers from El Nath.
    Gunners from Magatia (Alcadno).
    Wizards from Magatia (Jenumist).
    Punchers from Mu Lung.
    Archers from Leafre.
    Thiefs from Ariant.
    Warriors from Time Temple.

    If it was like this, it'd definately be a must.

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    All I know is that the Thief version better be dagger this time instead of stars.

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    I would laugh really hard if these guys were the ones that died the most during intense boss fights due to needing to do multi-key input to use their skills. But I suppose that's nothing CS can't fix.

    Seems like a great class for anyone with jittery fingers. Like me!

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    I wonder how the directional input reversal curse would affect these guys. pineapples me up at Leviathan by making me down-jump a lot, can't imagine having to deal with and press the right buttons to use your moves.

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    Wow, this sounds like a really cool class. Definetely going to be watching the KMST updates closely for a while.

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    BRB buying a Khanjar and D.khanjar

    I like this already, I love streetfighter style PC games. Though lagg is pretty much going to kill those guys.

    *sits at the edge of a chair and goes hyperactive*

    People are so going to "oops wrong button..." into zakum =D
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    looks awesome 0_o

    It'll be intersting to see how the arrow keys work...



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