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    Ya, I got a pirate (ShootRocks). He's level 39 and just can't wait to use someodat 2x tonight. Want some rep? Oh baby, you better call me up.

    My 2x is from 10PM - 2AM Eastern. Hit me up, because you're my chinchilla muffin.

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    LF> Nexon to fix the gawddamm servers

    LF> Fiel to lvl up to lvl 125

  3. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Ishrizu
    Server: Destiny MS
    Level: ???
    Job: ???
    Guild: ???


    add my characters in khaini
    judgexissa 134
    varyag 90
    judgexzakum 15

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    I will hit you up next time i go on der Maple



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