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  1. Default New PHP damage calculator

    Credit to Hidden-Street and Drop of Maple for creating the original calculator. I just updated it for Pirates and gave the correct magic attack formula.

    Let me know if you find any bugs/mistakes.

  2. Default

    Thks Feil the one on hs didnt go over 999 stats either and im 1041 with mw so very annoying. Any chance that echo could be added into it somewhere? Or someone show me where echo sits when working out range/dmg with a formula. Everytime i put it in a different place with dagger & throwing stars I cant seem to get it to give me what range my stats show.

  3. Default

    Psh. I already have a functional PHP damage calculator. It can do other pomegranate too. XD

  4. Default

    Post it?

  5. Default


    Thanks Fiel!
    Looks hawt and sexy. I'mma try it out.

    EDIT: My damage was off 250~450, wtpux m8.
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  6. Default

    PHP Code:
          if (str && dex && luk && watk && mast 9)
    watk can be 1 since 1 attack weapons do exist. Might as well set it to
    PHP Code:
          if (str && dex && luk && watk && mast && mast 91)
    Since mastery can't be higher than 90%.

    PHP Code:
          if (matk && basicattack && mast 9)
    Here, basicattack can be 2, on level 1 Thunderbolt. Highest mast value for a Magician is 80 on Quantum Explosion.
    PHP Code:
          if (matk && basicattack && mast && mast 81)

    In which case you'll want to change the conditions that make the background pink for when mast > 90 blah blah blah.

    lol, phptags are colourful. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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    I remember Russt having posted a few DPS works, a calculator, and hits-to-kill scripts. I dunno if they have the basic damage calculations though.

    (a simple search on threads created by Russt should give you all of these)

    Here's the next challenge for you Paul: create a PHP calculator that includes buffs, including crits, elements, and all that zazz.

  8. Default

    I'm checking and double checking the range given by the calculator for bows and it keeps giving me a range which is exactly 4 watk lower than the (unbuffed) range i see in my stat-window.

  9. Default

    You have four more attack than you think you do.

  10. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    cause PHP is the bees knees? @-a Theres loads of things you can do with PHP, just gotta know how to.

  11. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Southperry:
    Server: Land
    Level: of
    Job: Chinchillas,
    Guild: Pineapples,
    Alliance: and opossums.


    but the whole calculator is javascript based, could have been an html file.

  12. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour



    It's not all that good though. I mean, though even this makes the calculator more realistic, that's not always funny.

  13. Default

    I don't think so. Bow+gloves+cape+fs+naricain pend. Where else would i get a mysterious 4atk?

  14. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Southperry:
    Server: Land
    Level: of
    Job: Chinchillas,
    Guild: Pineapples,
    Alliance: and opossums.


    passive skills maybe? there are some that give att afaik...

  15. Default

    Arrows. Expertise.

  16. Default

    I'm 3rd job so no expertise. But you're right, it's arrows. Even when i cast soul arrow my range doesn't go down. Does that mean soul arrow includes the watk from special arrows?

  17. Default

    No. Bash your head against a wall for asking.

  18. Default

    You will hit lower than what your range shows if you have 4 atk arrows equipped while using Soul Arrow.

  19. Water

    IGN: Negerpaardje
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 105
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Infinity
    Alliance: ~~~~


    Don't be so mean, coulda been a glitch, besides, it doesn't go down when he uses Soul Arrow, which could also be considered a glitch.



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