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  1. Default Centenarian World Transfers for April

    January Results can be found here.
    February Results can be found here.
    March Results can be found here.



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  2. Default

    LOL FRAN CAME TO SCANIA? and queen came back too

    I really like these threads eos

  3. Water
    IGN: Fumni/AcerSavita
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 16X
    Job: Ketchup
    Guild: Resonance
    Alliance: Everybody Leeches


    *Looks at Mardia's destination list*

    *Dies a little inside*


  4. Default

    I had that same reaction but was avoiding mentioning it.
    Yeah. Just... yeah.

  5. Default

    YAY, Doezx left Broa.

    I feel sorry for Mardian people.

  6. Default

    Hey now, don't LOL at me. I got like 550 apples to sell if you want to help me (and a nice 30 luk 5 dex sauna) =[
    I am looking for a gun in Scania if you didn't know,; sadly, that 104 2 slot revovler sold for max mesos before I could xfer here

  7. Default

    i found ur shop already. I thought that guy was selling 2 godly guns for max mesos?

  8. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: Me
    Server: Life
    Level: 17
    Job: Working Hard
    Guild: Doing Good
    Alliance: For the Earth


    We had him to begin with....Don't worry, I got my machine gun right next to me. If it fails, there's always the banhammer....

  9. Default

    Added 4/15.
    Gratz to Mardia on us losing BlackWaspZ, Poornight, Lnterests and I'm still pondering this one:

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  10. Water
    IGN: Fumni/AcerSavita
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 16X
    Job: Ketchup
    Guild: Resonance
    Alliance: Everybody Leeches


    Raffy (Lnspires) is still in Mardia, you mean Interests, and why would we gratz Lnspires leaving ?

  11. Default

    Meh, mental auto correction made me type the wrong person

    Pluralized verb with a substituted L for an I, of course I immediately went Raffy without meaning to :p

  12. Totally Quit
    IGN: SubIimity
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 156
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: Infamous
    Alliance: QUIT


    You know what I find really weird.... im pretty sure when Nexon introduced the server transfers they advertised it as being a way for people from overpopulated servers to move to less populated ones.... ironic thing is, most people seem to be transfering from the less populated to the overpopulated.

  13. Water
    IGN: Fumni/AcerSavita
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 16X
    Job: Ketchup
    Guild: Resonance
    Alliance: Everybody Leeches


    Well I can't speak for the motives for all players, but I know some players go from servers with less established markets (like ours in Mardia) to servers with more established markets (like Scania or Bera), merchant there for a while, buying books and scrolls that are in short supply in the original server, then immigrate back and sell them at a higher value. For example, some of the stance 20 books in our FM are there because a Mardian player did that.

    But yeah, there are plenty of reasons to go from a less populated server to a more populated one aside from the monetary ones.

  14. Default

    Really most of the traffic into the higher population servers seems to be balanced out by people coming right back like Fumni said:


    Broa's the only server that's drawing significantly more than it's losing.

  15. Default

    Not the first time that's happened, but I'm flattered. :d

    And I was excited when I saw that I jumped up a rank yesterday, but sadly he only server transferred.

  16. Default

    Just admit you adore being the first thing to come to mind.

  17. Default

    I think its kinda funny how yellonde has the worst ratio no one wants to be there anymore LoL

  18. Default

    Yellonde is in "new" status still - Out is the only direction allowed, so anyone who wanted in couldn't move any way.

  19. Default

    Do you know what the situation for demethos is?

    Is "out" allowed yet?

  20. Default

    Another helpful thread, thanks :)



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