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  1. Default New Drops According To Monster Book

    Here's all the non-etc drops that were changed in monster book in the latest patch. Some of these may have always been there but were just not in our version of monster book before it was released, some of these are outright new.

    By Mob

    By Drop

    And here's the few items that got dropped.


    Nexon can't whine about releasing my this information because data itself is not copyrightable and the format I've presented this data in is entirely my own.
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  2. Harrisonized


    Some of your scrolls don't have %s next to them. Namely the Overall ones.

  3. Default

    That's how they appear in the data.
    Historically most of our scrolls didn't have a % listed, the ones that do have the % in their names are "newer" ones. That's why the vnum is there, to split out which are which for those who know how to look them up.

    Easy example for the manual lookup

    Just replace what you want to know with the appropriate vnum.
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  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Ooh, some Chaos Scroll-dropping monsters (including HT, wtphax? O.o). And an increase of monsters dropping former gacha-only scrolls.

    (And finally, a light of hope for scrolling my zhelm. :D)

    Interesting list, props for compling it. xD
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  6. Default

    Other than "monster book says so", no.

  7. Default

    Welp, Chaos Scrolls drop from Pap and Zak now. Time to go solo them both a lot more often.

  8. Default

    And me finding this this morning:


    It matches with your data, and I doubt it's coincidence.

  9. Default

    Earring HP 60 confirmed from Seruf. Didn't SS, but have the scroll.
    Overall LUK 10% also confirmed
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  10. Default

    Hmmm, weird.
    I had 2 runs last night, none of the zaks dropped any chaos.
    Must be low drop rate.

  11. Default

    as did I and no chaos either. Maybe this wont totally change the prices after all. There's some low lvl'd stuff dropping them though, I'd love to be the lv20 to get that.

  12. Default

    Time to hunt for chaos skrols!
    Also, I'm pretty sure that Zakum's chance to drop a chaos is around 0.4%... If I don't remember wrong.


  14. Default

    That would mean zak drops it about once every 250 kills. Sounds about right, considering these are supposed to be rare.

  15. Default

    I had a feeling they would just copy over the KMS drop table, this is good news, and hopefully we will see more scrolls in the FM soon.

  16. Default

    Deo - Flaming Katana?

    Anyone know what a Deo is & where to find them?



  19. かっか! Straight Male
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    With this patch in 60% LUK shield and 10% 2h Blunt for acc will drop at an insane rate at Skelegon/Skelosaurus..

    I actually mean it. With 2x drop, you can expect up to like 20 of those peaches.

  20. Default

    holy crap... Crimson rogs drop a 60% scroll? what is this?!?



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