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Thread: Vipers and SE

  1. xDae

    Default Vipers and SE

    I believe there is still some speculation on Sharp Eye's effect on Vipers. Now its safe to say that the crit rates are combined when hitting a stunned monster. But what happens when a Viper hits an unstunned monster and has Sharp Eyes? Here is what I am asking:

    ~ A Viper has SE and hits an unstunned mob. The crit rate is based solely on the crit rate from Sharp Eyes. There are two possibilities:

    - The +% damage from Stun Mastery and SE are combined
    - The +% damage from SE is only added, the +% damage from Stun Mastery is ignored

    ~ A Viper has SE and hits a stunned mob. The crit rate is based on the crit rate from SE and Stun Mastery, combined:

    - The +% damage from Stun Mastery and SE are combined

    Is this right?


  2. Neon Atom

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    wouldnt it be like critical of hermits bms xbms and se where the % damage and % chance combine ?

  3. Default

    75% chance to do 210% dmg

    sounds nifty

  4. Default

    It should add whenever their crit is active. Does their crit only work under certain conditions?

  5. Default

    Hazzy if you're talking about Vipers then yes, if the mob is stunned there crit would work with or without SE, if the mob is not stunned then it would only work with SE.

  6. Default

    Ohsnap, didn't know that. XD
    What skills do they have to stun? xP

  7. xDae


    Stun Mastery is what lets them crit. Which means when they dont have Se, they only crit on stunned mobs.

    The following skills stun mobs:

    ~ Backspin Blow
    ~ Double Upper
    ~ Snatch

  8. Default

    Does stun mastery work while activating like Double Upper,BEFORE the monster is stunned?I dislike the words in your sig,you know hecka stuff >.<

  9. xDae


    I think this is what you are asking: If you attack an unstunned monster with a stunning move, will it crit on that attack?

    The answer is no. The mob must be stunned before you use an attack in order for that attack to crit (unless of course you have SE, but then that goes back to the debate in this thread lulz)

  10. Default

    Oh,I was just wondering.

  11. Water
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    So basically, you Stun the monster, and then you can crit with anything (Fist, Demolition, etc)?

  12. Default

    No, theres a chance you won't stun, but with SE you'll most likley stun and demo can only be used in the S.Transformed state. But I get what you're saying and you're correct.

  13. xDae


    All Infighter skills that stun, stun at a 100% rate

  14. Default

    lets say you use a skill that stuns, can you use, lets say fist, and still hit crits or do only skills that stun have the ability to crit?

  15. Default

    As long as the monster has the little mushrooms spinning above it (stunned) any Infighter skill can cause a critical hit, maybe even the normal attack can get a critical hit.

  16. xDae


    Loose speaks the truth

    Skills that stun:

    ~ Double Upper
    ~ Snatch
    ~ Backspin Blow

    These say "1 second stun" but in the videos its more like 3 seconds. As long as the monster is stunned before you attack, ANY attack you use has a possibility to crit

  17. Default

    Quoted for truths.

    This is exactly what happens. If the monsters is not stunned, then it's just like SE on any other class: 15% chance of crit and +140% damage if you crit. If the monster is stunned, you have a 75% chance of crit and +200% damage if you crit. It sounds kinda insane. Too bad there's no way to stun or use stun mastery on bosses or Vipers would be better at bossing than anyone.



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