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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Regarding Locked Items

    So what happens if you lock an item, such as your mount, and you want to upgrade? (for example, from pig to mane)
    • Does the lock come off?
    • Does the NPC deny you your mount?
    • Can you possibly end up with TWO mounts? (if the NPC can't take your mount but still awards you the second mount, this might be possible?)

  2. Default

    You spent 500mil(?) testing a white scroll with a 100% cape int. Why the pineapple don't you just go buy an assload of locks and try it out yourself?

  3. Default

    The lock's desciption says it prevents it from being sold, traded, or thrown away, so I would hazard a guess that NPCs can take the item away still, since that's none of the listed things it prevents.

  4. Harrisonized


    1) There's no quest at the moment that takes any equips from you.
    2) I already have a silver mane, and I have no method of making that into a dragon.

    I can't test it because there's nothing for me to test it on.


    Anyways, I found the MSEA Forums to be pretty fast at replying to my question. One person said that her friend locked her hog onto her character and now she's stuck with it. Does that mean I'm effed for locking my mane? (I don't want to tell Nexon to unlock anything for fear they'll ban me cuz of my +6 cape.)

    I hate my predicament.
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  5. Default

    Just get the lock removed? So simple.

  6. Harrisonized


    "I don't want to tell Nexon to unlock anything for fear they'll ban me cuz of my +6 cape." ~if you didn't read from above.

    Anyways, yea, I just sent a ticket to them telling them to remove the locks...


    On a side note, since the locks are fairly new, we don't know the full capabilities of the lock yet. We know that the lock doesn't protect scrolls from breaking items, but does the lock prevent expiring items? Someone should try.

  7. Default

    I thought the lock only last 30 days. Or is there 2 different types out for us already and I bought the wrong one?

  8. Default

    The once used, the lock is permanent. However while it's a separate item, it has an expiration date.

  9. Default

    hmm i wonder what would happen to the lock if the item expires o.o

  10. Default

    Why would you be scared of a feature?

  11. Default

    What's the point of locking a mount, especially if it's a watch hog and you know you're going to upgrade it later? O_o

  12. Default

    if it was supposed to be a feature, why did they patch it?

  13. Default

    What happened with the white scroll and 100% cape int?

  14. Default

    I'll try to lock my 13 dex expiring nose.... now I need to mts a bit for NX :o!!

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    He was poking fun at harrison for the whole "clean slate glitch isn't a glitch you guise, it's a feature!" thing he was going on about.

  16. Harrisonized


    I wonder too.


    It became a glitch after Nexon patched it. Because it's now certain that it's a glitch, I might be labeled a glitcher. It was my own stupid mistake to lock my cape.


    Well, the next upgrade for it is 200...

  17. Default

    Don't be ridiculous. If something gets fixed, that means it was always a glitch. I suppose you don't think that Glitch OPQ was wrong either then?

  18. Default

    You realize you're asking Harrisonized that, right?

  19. Harrisonized


    Ok, I suppose you're correct. However, before it was known that it was a glitch, what if you accidentally stumble upon it?
    And what's wrong with me? If you were referring to the Doubt thread the other day... to you.

  20. Default

    Then it is your obligation as the discoverer of a glitch to report it and see to it that it gets fixed, and not to abuse it for personal gain, because we all know glitch abuse is a violation of the TOS and as bannable as hacking.



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