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  1. Default [1.2.198]Goldrich Event, Sleepywood Expansion?

    Alright, I think I have some info on the new boss. Not going to talk about it in here, though, this is for extractions and all I have is speculation.




    Map objects for the Boss area


    I think this is complete!
    KMST 1.2.199

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    Awesome work Isaac =D

    Is that a gold summoning sack?!? >=D

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    ok, now, It's not speculation anymore since I saw translations.

    This new Balrog boss is based off the fight depicted in the quest "Manji and the Ancient Gladius." I have that quest summarized in Maple's Story thread, so go read up on it there if you don't know. Basically, the hero tristan was fighting an extremely evil balrog and saved Manji from it. The NPC up there, you see, is Tristan's Soul. So, the Balrog we're fighting is the one he fought. I'm very interested in this, we asked Prose once if they ever intended to expound on some of the briefly mentioned "heroes" of Maple, like Tristan, and it looks like KMS is doing that.

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    Ah, going back to the old roots of MapleStory xD

    Some of those items really beg questioning though, as they are rather conspicuous. I'll probably let time fly by before I really start to work up my brain over this patch.

    For some reason I keep thinking Goldrich is Mr. Goldstein from Lith o.O

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    Is it the Arcon of Maya and the Weird Medicine? (the part where you need 30 Charm of the Undead)

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    I say Goldrich Pq was in Tespia too long. There's been no info on it til now!

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    amazing!! tristan's story was always one of my favorites in the game.. I can't wait until this comes to the official servers!

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    Wait, maybe this could be another Time-Travel Period!?

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    No, this is in the present.

    This Balrog, though... Look at the rewards for it. Level 30 shoes? I don't think this will be very strong sadly :(

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    hmm.. I guess the summoning sacks are prizes from the PQ? I thought they were a part of it at first, but then I found this image on insoya:

    it also makes me hope that the PQ is available for higher levels.. since the guy using the summoning sacks is level 120.. gotta look into this a bit more lol.

    another screenshot I just found..

    high leveled PQ what? I hope it isn't just for testing..
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    The Balrog shoes seem to be another "Zakum's tree branch" deal. Doesn't really indicate how strong it is at all.

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    This is in the present as Isaac said.
    Something tells me there's gonna be a Time Priod of this in the future. Maybe you can fight the now 'deceased' Balrog in the past?

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    Isaac didnt you say this was on the same continent as Ellin though?

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    The Goldrich maps are, the sleepywood maps aren't. The goldrich ones are even prefixed with "Elin.*mapID*.name" which is quite odd.

    and about the Shoes, yeah it could be a Zakum branch type deal, but if that other balrog is related to it it doesn't seem to be strong. Then again, the dead balrog could be a time sphere type thing.

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    THIS is THAT Balrog from the Manji and the Ragged Gladius series of quests? I had always assumed it to be merely a Jr. Rog, and I always imagined Tristan as Tristan Taylor from Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series Episode 18 in which he happens to be stealthily sneaking... in a knight's armor he picked up.

    Great to see a revival in classic MapleStory lore. The next thing I wanna see is the use of classic monsters who lack spotlight and be thrust into new popularity- perhaps Tauromacis and Taurospears.

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    Tristan is also heavily involved in the Berserk quests if I remember correctly, I seem to remember having to find the shield that Balrog broke or something that belonged to him. Makes sense that the boss would be a balrog :D

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    they always let in higher levels than the official range in the test server. it was the same for cpq1, im sure someone can scrounge up some old screenshots (either kmst or gmst) of testers with 4th job in cpq1.



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