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  1. Harrisonized

    Default [Request] Scarlion and Targa Hats

    Can someone lead me to a screenshot of what these would look like on a character equipping it?

  2. Default

    Hmm. I'll try to get one for u. My guild has downed them once so far, but no hats o_O I'll go check the PP forums nao :)

    EDIT: I posted a similar request on the PP forums. I want to see them too! >.<
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  3. Harrisonized


    Thanks. PP forums lag so much for me. ><

  4. Default

    Theyre not out yet in mSEA.

  5. Harrisonized


    You mean MSEA released the two bosses without releasing their hats? That's preposterous!

  6. Default

    Theres still more to come.. The bosses were only part 1b.



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