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  1. Default life update thread lol

    I sometimes check in on here to see if anyone has bothered to do the same out of nostalgia. I am generally curious how life has been treating you all. Any updates you want to share? Anything you remember about yourself from the golden days that you think would be interesting to share in contrast to how you are now?

    This kind of sentiment pops up every now and then in random threads on this forum. Thought it would be nice to hear from everyone again.

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    Default Re: life update thread lol

    I usually check the website from time to time just to check in and see if there's new art posted in the other thread but mainly I'm active on reddit. Still lurking through the Maple subreddit and with other things nowadays...

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    Default Re: life update thread lol

    Well Sparrow got a group 2 and best puppy in group at the last show we went to. Which is kind of a big deal. Some dogs never get a group 2 in their entire show career. An 11 month old dog placing above grand champions is a huuuge compliment from the judge.

    So of course we had to do the cheesy photo

    He needs 4 more points for his Canadian championship

  4. Default Re: life update thread lol

    I'm back here after the Reddit collapse, haha. After abandoning Reddit, I've been slowly recalibrating my idea of online community, which reminded me of how nice it was to be part of a community here. I've been lurking Tildes, which has been really great because of how "old school" it is. Forums were a more pleasant time of the internet that I took for granted. It would be a pipe dream to get this place running again.

  5. Default Re: life update thread lol

    Decided to randomly pop back in here. It's been a while!

    I'm still around the internets. Sometimes on reddit but not nearly as much as before. I downloaded MS sometime around 2020-2021 out of curiosity, logged in for like 30 minutes, then gtfo of there.

    IRL I'm tired all the time and have two smol kidz but I WFH so I get lots of time with them




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