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  1. Trump minus th money
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    Default chatter in the 4chins

    Anonymous 04/10/20(Fri)15:01:57 No.287297516▶>>287303993 >>287305440
    I drop in on Maplestory General from time to time. I keep meaning to shill this guide site, since it's not in your pastebin.
    It's run by one of the biggest former faces of maplestory, and boy there is some crazy shady pomegranate going on in the bean brigade based on what he's told me. It's some weird cult like pomegranate without being a literal cult.
    Anyways yeah the site has user submitted guides, and the guy who makes it runs on spite. He made it as a competitor to Ayumilove since her site is just riddled with malware or adware or some pomegranate?
    It's got some guides you won't find on ayumilove like specific bossing guides and some progression guides. They're formatted pretty well, but I don't want to be a pineappleing papayagot and post something no one is asking or cares about.
    Anonymous 04/10/20(Fri)15:08:14 No.287298210▶
    I mean my bad. The SEO is pretty good so it's a high up search result, but I never see people discuss it here so I assume it wasn't a priorty to look at since it's a relatively new MapleStory site.
    Anonymous 04/10/20(Fri)15:56:47 No.287303993▶
    redpill me on bean brigade
     Anonymous 04/10/20(Fri)16:08:56 No.287305440▶
    You can't just say that about bean brigade and not give us the deets
     Anonymous 04/10/20(Fri)16:23:02 No.287307048▶
    I sort of dug myself into a hole by calling the bean brigade a cult, since I can't speak too much about it without getting the person in trouble, but I'll try to red pill as vaguely as possible.
    Nexon is like a big brother regarding their community. They try to silence anyone with a back bone to say "Hey maybe a one in 10 thousand rate for a frenzy totem is a bad idea" no matter how good your intentions are.
    They'll treat you like pomegranate, and then throw you away.
    I can't say anything other than the bean brigade is ALLEDGEDLY a whacky nexon cult. With strict guidelines on what they can or can't say.
    I can't confirm, but I'm under the impression that nexon polices their social media account and tries to pull things they don't like or don't agree with or anything that paints them in a negative light.
    They've tried to censor things before, but I guess what company doesn't try to censor things?
    I know in the past you had to sign an NDA to be part of their previous partner program. Not sure if this applies to the bean brigade.
     Anonymous 04/10/20(Fri)16:24:38 No.287307259▶
    And yeah this is me responding to my own post, but I basically wanted to add that I had to run that post by the guy who tells me all of this since I didn't want to cause them problems.
    This is basically only the stuff they'll allow me to say in public on the matter because they don't want Nexon bothering them again.
    It's some really toxic crazy pomegranate.
     Anonymous 04/10/20(Fri)16:27:58 No.287307680▶
    i do not know a single person in the bean brigade apart from that man child who privated all his vids
     Anonymous 04/10/20(Fri)16:31:04 No.287308082▶
    Also this is my personal opinion, and basically nothing but a rumor based on personal feelings and my own experience with Nexon
    But one of their bean brigade members who like barely plays the game and uses it as a paycheck for youtube money pulled a breath of divinity ring
    Then he hit the double and got it
    Which is not how slot machines work as we all know. They are designed to take your money and give you nothing
    I have no proof that Nexon didn't pull a CSGO loot box gamblging rigging
    But do I think they would? Absolutely
    Anyone who has seen how Nexon reacted to the first big wave of hacked duped items would know Nexon is definitely not above doing the right thing at the cost of profits.
    I would see a smega every 15 minutes from a different seller selling a 300 attack craven for 300 USD in the MTS
    If they aren't above stopping hackers from announcing their RMT hacked duped items, they probably aren't above rigging the RNG for marvel machine to dupe some more pulls.
    Unrelated but I had a guild mate when I was really active. He spent 1000 dollars on the marvel machine, a real trust fund kid. He didn't get pomegranate.
    "Just buy a frenzey totem you pineappleing idiot!"
    "No one more spin!!!"
    It was really upsetting and predatory to watch that guy get nothing but a wolf familiar.

  2. Default Re: chatter in the 4chins

    figured this was known for quite some time

    they don't like people speaking up, nor do their minions that patrol their community for them..

    if Korea was smart, they'd start right now trying to actually get their old GMS player-base back, while at the same time convincing their current players to stop dumping thousands on RMT and start dumping it in game on their stuff

  3. Default Re: chatter in the 4chins

    Nexon gets the money either way. Player A spends thousands on cubes and books and marvel and etc. Player B, C, D, E, F give Player A thousands for their good. Player A proceeds to spend thousands on Maple again.

    Sure, there is a rule about it. But ultimately they have no reason to care about RMT.

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    Default Re: chatter in the 4chins

    Except in the cases where the items being RMT'ed were duped or otherwise created/enhanced without paying Nexon for the cubes and scrolls used.

  5. Default Re: chatter in the 4chins

    Exactly. So has long as Nexon has at least one finger in the pie they don't care.

    Ultimately they don't care about gMS period since at the end of the day we are only 1% of their profit.



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