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    Default Re: Maple Memo: v212 Update – February 21

    So, Nexon has decided the time is finally ripe to sell meso for NX in Reboot.

    Nexon (idk whether it's Anna or Wonki or someone in-between) wants GMS Reboot to stop making meso so easily. "Slowing progression" is their goal, same as with the Kishin nerf and Frenzy removal from Marvel/Philo.
    If they (Nexon) can also earn a few bucks while doing it, all the better.
    IMHO the whole p2w bit is there primarily to distract from the fact that Bye-Bye is being removed without anything close to a decent replacement. And when Nexon "yields" and gives us a few more tickets in events or for RP, then Reboot will be expected to shut up and be grateful instead of continuing to complain that even at max runs the dungeon doesn't give as many meso per day as Bye Bye did in an hour.

    Veteran Reboot players with an Arcana farmer will "only" suffer from increased crowding. New Reboot players will have much slower progress than the old "make a bye-bye farmer, use your first few bils to make meso gear, then all future meso go to your main" meta. Whether they'll outright quit or decide to try regular servers is anyone's guess.
    But the way reddit kept telling every new or returning player "play Reboot, it's the only f2p server" is gone. When new players ask "Is Maplestory as p2w as I heard?" the only answer will be "Yes. Escape while you still can."
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