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    Hey everyone, I just thought I would post on this topic as I have been hunting this keyboard for quite a while. I love playing DOTA and even more so, I love collecting DOTA peripherals. I have the Steelseries Rival DOTA 2 mouse, the Arctis 5 headset and even the Qck+ Evil Geniuses Edition but I have been searching for the Apex M800 keyboard for quite a while. Not only do I love having theses peripherals to use, I just love how they all look and when put together I think they look better than any special editions that have came out from any company (suck it Razer!).

    I have been following some Ebay auctions and most of the sellers don't even have a picture of the keyboard on the auction, which just feels a bit shady to me. Does anyone know is trying/willing to get rid of their special edition Steelseries keyboard? Or have links to somewhere that is still selling it or some auctions that don't seem like they are going to sell you a normal keyboard or just an Apex M800 box? Any leads would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

    I have had alerts on all the auction sites I could find for the past week and finally got a hit! Someone posted an M800 keyboard for sale on and I was able to swoop in and pick it up before anyone else. Going to arrive tomorrow, I am pretty happy about it!
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