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  1. Default Maplestory 2 coming to NA?

    Made by Zelkova (don't know if he's here), he had found some links detailing this.

    Am I late on this?

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    Default Re: Maplestory 2 coming to NA?

    Not really, I mentioned it in the Q3 thread and then everyone else got wind of it I guess. It was added within the past month under the name Producer (suspiciously without MS2 in the title) and I guess it got changed to Production Manager - MS2 since I've posted.

    At one point while the job posting was up, they spaced out the words in MapleStory to Maple Story, which I find to be extremely cringeworthy given that they own the game. Probably a recruiter that knows nothing about the company that they work for, though.



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