Q2 2016 Investor Presentation:

Revenues are down all across the board, though they expected this in the outlook reports last quarter.
Strategic partnership with Sansho Studios (noted that this is the first time they partnered with a Japanese game developer) in order to deliver Japanese-tailored games to Japan.
Nexon GT to acquire wellgames, Korean developer of mobile FPS, SPECIAL SOLDIER.
(It seems like they're now beginning to focus on the Japanese market, which if you've been following, has been on a constant decline for a while now)

China: Strong response from content updates in D&F. Active users (MAUs) decreased quarter-over-quarter, flat year-over-year. Paying users flat quarter-over-quarter, but still increased year-over-year.
Korea: Major decrease in revenue because of Japanese yen appreciation against the Korean won. Mobile revenues increased from HIT & Dominations. Noted strong royalty revenues from D&F in China.
Japan: Continuing to prepare for their 2H 2016 pipeline.
North America: Difficult to compare year-over-year (major decrease) because of the initial strong momentum of Dominations (noted that mobile and existing PC game revenues were down overall, however).

Expect revenues to be down 23% to 17% yoy (as reported (AR)) & 12% to 5% (constant currency (CC)--which is calculated by excluding exchange rate fluctuations).
Japanese yen appreciation noted to be the causes of negative impact on revenue in this quarter and future quarters.

- Slightly negative outlook. 20% ~ high teen decrease (AR). Low teens to high single digit decrease yoy (CC).
- Preparing for launch of MapleStory 2 and Dungeon&Fighter mobile in China.
- Revenue contribution from a major update (one in late September) expected in Q4 rather than Q3 because of update scheduling.

- Negative outlook. (30% ~ 20% decrease CC & AR).
- Preparing to launch mobile games monthly.
-- Launched Fantasy War Tactics
-- Began pre-registration for HIDE AND FIRE.
-- Launching HIT soon.
- OBT completed for Tree of Savior.

- Slightly negative outlook. 20% ~ high teen decrease (AR). Low teens to high single digit decrease yoy (CC).
- Ending service for Sudden Attack 2.
- Expected to launch many new mobile titles this year. Specifically noting: Dungeon&Fighter 3D mobile, MapleStoryM, Dynasty Warriors 7 mobile, Sangokushi Sousouden Online, Epic of Three Kingdoms 2, and Atlantica Heroes.

North America/EU + Others:
- North America: Very positive outlook. (Low single digit ~ low teens increase (AR)/20% increase yoy (CC)).
- EU/Others: Very positive outlook. (Low single digit ~ low teens increase (AR)/20% ~ 30% increase yoy (CC)).
- OBT started for Riders of Icarus & Ghost in the Shell SAC: First Assault in July (both games).
- Positive revenue expected for NA & EU because of expected strong sales from Riders of Icarus.
- Launched HIT online (mobile) in 140 countries.
- Scheduled to launch Titanfall (mobile) within this year.


2016 Tier 1 Content Update Schedule

*Pipeline Changes:
- Need for Speed EDGE (PC) has shifted further back.
- LEGO Mobile & Durango has shifted further back.
- Sudden Attack 2 has disappeared.
- Maple Blitz X (formerly known as Project MNP) has disappeared.