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Thread: RIP Solo Queue

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    Off into the sunset. It was a good run. I haven't played SR since dynamic queue came out and stopped playing the game entirely after the MYMU made it to the PBE. Personally, that's a wrap for me, it's been a good 5.5 years but I'm moving on.

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    I really don't have much of an issue with it. I'm not thrilled with the frequency I get picked for support when it's my secondary, but otherwise it's helped reduce a lot of champ select rage.

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    That's the new champion select you're describing, not dynamic queue.

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    I kind feel the same, i remember using a lot the solo Queue, i could chose the champion to play and there wasn't much rage because of that , now i don't feel the same to play league.

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    I'm not seeing much difference compared to the solo queue days. If anything it's become easier to climb lol.



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