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  1. Trump minus th money
    IGN: xparasite9
    Server: Windia
    Level: 216
    Job: I/L Archmage
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

    Default let's talk about eos

    Thanks to Steam Discovery Queue, I found a new f2p MMO to try out...

    Yeah, it's Echo of Soul. Very nice looking game. Apparently classes are gender-locked so that's a downside.

  2. Default Re: let's talk about eos

    eos is a good southperry owner

  3. Default Re: let's talk about eos

    i hate eos. it was by far 10x more annoying than orbis tower to climb and descend.

  4. Default Re: let's talk about eos

    He's the worst Ice/Lightning Archmage.



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