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    Default any tests on hyper stats? (plus some DrK tidbit)

    so has anyone tested the new hyper stats? from some very shoddy test i did it seems that the damage upgrades are multiplicative of your damage, so whatever you did would get multiplied by your damage hyper stat which if true, would be amazing. same with boss% hyper stat but has anyone delved into this seriously?


    drk tidbit: lord of darkness sucks plantains now. on the plus side, it now takes into account your max hp after %hp buffs (this is a plus)
    but now it only recovers 5% per enemy struck, which is a nerf so massive it obliterates the above buff. at 70ish k hp i was recovering 3.7k per monster hit with dark impale, which is a bit longer than half a second. before the patch i could recover 20k-ish hp every 2-3 dark impales

    spin2win isn't a bad attack for healing now, recovering around 40% hp per second, but before it topped you off. add the fact it turns you slow as molasses so you'd probably get hit while using it and it still sucks imho.

    TLDR: Rip LoD (and let's not forget it gets nerfed later on to 2% healed, arigatou nexon)

  2. Default Re: any tests on hyper stats? (plus some DrK tidbit)

    pretty sure it's just plain total damage % and boss damage %



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