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  1. Cash4 New Reboot Server. How Good?

    No NX = No spending $1000s just to be able to boss properly (sadly that involves solo bossing - THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO INVOLVE A PARTY!!!)
    Hence, NX is no longer a neccessity to play the game after lvl150. Yay. That is great!

    This NO NX server definitely bridges the epic cleft between the Unfunded/Inbetweeners/Pay2Win

    BUT, I still feel that by keeping the exp gain the same, people will still be able to rush to above Lvl100 in like 4 hours without taking a break and doing things in the game other than grinding.

    Levelling up too fast will still remain the biggest problem
    -Similar to how easy Bossing has become. Just being able to SOLO bosses is a joke.
    --Also the Prequests... Way too easy. Remember the Zakum prequests??? Had like 3 hardcore steps that took like 1 hour each to complete. 1. Jump Quest OMG So painful. But the rewarding feeling afterwards beats 1 minute killing Zakum after lvl50. (Which can be reached in like 30 minutes or less... *facepalm*)

    -Given the option, everyone speeds ahead without enjoying content because it doesn't give [best exp per time spend]
    --Also, no item revamps for Party Quests means PQ's will still remain useless as it doesn't give [good stat or good looking items per time spend]

    -Total amount of game time (4 hours to get to over lvl100) is ridiculous. No time to experience other aspects of an MMO such as meeting new people. Have not heard of any other MMO where endgame is reached in 1 day.

    TL:DR Although the Reboot Server is an awesome start, the real issue affecting Maplestory will still remain unsolved. And that is: The Levelling Speed

    In fact, The Reboot Server needs to make it less convenient for us to do certain things. Levelling is certaining 1 of these things.
    Travelling is another. The Dimensional Mirror has made flights redundant. I still remember travelling to Ariant from Orbis, I would climb up and down on the genie's face while making the other 3 players on board laugh.
    Flights to Orbis is another example. By making it super convenient, our focus has narrowed to only ourselves.

    What are some ways to make the game slow down?
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    Reboot server still has a cash shop and it still has cubes in it, as far as I know.

    Who's stopping you from taking the Genie to Ariant, or any other airship?
    You're allowed to do everything as slow as you want, do all the quests, explore all the areas.
    Why do you feel the need to slow the game down for everyone else, who might not share those preferences?

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    In Reboot World, some Cash items can be bought using mesos.
    Cash items you can purchase with mesos: Red Cube, Black Cube, Teleport World Map, Safety Charm, etc. (From Orangemushroom's)

    The only use for NX is cosmetics. And monsters are a bit tougher, than in normal world too.

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    You can get them for meso but you can also still get them for NX, as far as I can tell


    So if you'd rather not grind for meso to buy them at the potion shop, cash is a shortcut.

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    Those are meso values. Red cubes are 12.5m, Black cubes are 22.6m. Their full price is at the top and the 1,250 and 2,260 are a result of the eastern method of grouping zeros in sets of 4 rather than sets of 3, it's 1,250 ten thousand mesos and 2,260 ten thousand mesos. You can get 5 red cubes (and only red cubes) through NX insofar as you get reward points from NX, but you can't directly buy anything like that for NX in Reboot. There are also no items with random rewards (gacha boxes, their version of style boxes)

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    I see.
    So you buy them in cash shop but for meso.

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    Correct. Any value you see in the cash shop that is in red is meso.

    The cubes you buy via the Henesys potion shop are meister cubes (or whatever they're called)

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    They're actually Master Craftsman cubes (for us, anyway, in KMS it's more like Artisan or something), for 4.9m.

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    I don't see the problem in this. Leveling is nothing more than a chore.

  10. Default

    Thanks for those who have responded.

    I have realised that the Reboot server could potentially be the best thing that Maplestory could hope for in terms of attracting new players and rejuvenating old players.

    Right now it can be safely said that 95% of the active population is over lvl150.
    And what are they doing? Logging in. Solo bossing. Collecting items. Selling them on FM. Chilling with friends - But only with others the same level.

    The last bit is important.

    -So if I am a new player, or an old one making a new character, I have to speed level to ~150 because there is nobody else around me around my level.

    What the Reboot server represents is an opportunity to meet people along the way of progressing through the game.
    Hence, people will no longer be forced to do a solo grind simulation in the hopes of catching up to those truly playing the game in the lvl200s.

    TL:DR Currently, new players have 1 option and that is to level like crazy until they reach lvl150-200 where 95% of the population is.
    Reboot Server allows reset where there will be an appropriate amount of people in each level range for the game to slow down and become a true MMO once again.

    Because why do we truly play this game? To have fun with others.

    Certainly for those looking to get back into the game, the Reboot Server is a dream come true.
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    I don't think I'm really seeing problems here.

    You're able to do things without spending nx, even reach end game.

    Without dropping a ton of money who reaches endgame?? Sure you might be able to obtain CRA and tyrants but that's not really end game material, just the foundation of it.

    Most people don't really have a mentality to train in parties, I doubt this will change, people will still attempt soloing the majority of maplestory's content.

    I really don't see why people can't just make some friends who would enjoy this together? Like ravel together and do content slowly with each other instead of trying to slow everyone else down. I like my leveling speed as is because otherwise it would be an even bigger chore (even though I do enjoy grinding to a degree). You can also still go make a new character and enjoy content slowly, you can also get on a higher leveled character and enjoy previous content. There's nothing stopping you from enjoying the content in this game other than yourself.

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    its lit

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    IF Reboot makes it to GMS then it might be a good start. I would not classify leveling speed as the biggest problem but it does appear near the top of the list. Or so some would say.



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