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  1. Default Hero weapon multiplier advantage

    A friend of mine made an interesting discovery - unlike Dark Knights and Paladins, Heroes have a weapon multiplier of 1.44 for a 2h sword and 1.3 for 1h sword.
    Apparently, this isn't from skills, since it was tested with and without SP.

    Screenshots provided:

    For Heroes - we can see it is 1.44 for 2h and 1.3 for 1h.
    For Paladins - we can see it is 1.34 for 2h and 1.2 for 1h - this is what's more weird to me.
    For Dark Knights - we can see it is 1.34 for 2h and 1.2 for 1h.


  2. Default Re: Hero weapon multiplier advantage

    Noted in this thread quite a while ago:




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