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  1. Default Something odd regarding Hero's weapon multiplier

    While testing for each multiplier post-RED to see if there were any changes, I came across my 3x Fighter, and for some reason, their 1-H Axe/BW/Sword multiplier was at 1.3x. Previous posts mentioned they were still 1.2x. I checked my Demon Slayer after to see if their 1-H Axe and BW changed, and it was still 1.2x. When I came back on the Fighter, I tried testing for the 2-H Axe/BW/Sword multiplier, and it was at 1.44x. Previous posts mentioned they were 1.34x. Curious to see if this change applied to only Adventurers, I checked my Spearman, and PA/Spear remained intact at 1.49x. So, I tried equipping a 1-H Axe/BW/Sword on the Spearman, and it was 1.2x. 2-H Axe/BW/Sword resulted in 1.34x. Now, I already checked every Thief multiplier before doing Warriors, so I knew Dagger multiplier was 1.3x. I tried equipping a Dagger on the Fighter, and it resulted in 1.4x. I don't have a Page, so I can't check if they're experiencing what Hero's are going through.


    M = Multiplier
    M * (4 * Primary Stat + Secondary Stat) (Attack / 100)
    1.44 * (4 * 135 + 26) (56 / 100) = 456.4224 = 456

    Now I'm just curious, but is there something that Fighters have post-RED that's skewing the results? I don't have any character cards on nor link skills, so that isn't a problem. Equips are all clean. Something seems to be adding a Hero's multiplier by 0.1 for any weapon they equip.

  2. Default Re: Something odd regarding Hero's weapon multiplier

    Weird, my level 50 Fighter shows the same thing.

    Unless it's due to Combo (which gets 1 SP added automatically) it's not a skill; I haven't assigned SP on it.

    1.59 spear multiplier



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