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    I can understand the intention to the Paladin nerf, but since they primarily use Blast for bossing, it was clearly not what they were thinking.
    Here's how I would have done it: I'd keep the Blast cooldown, but instead making the charges do more damage and have more lines. Or give Paladins a skill similar to Bishop's hyper skill, where the charges can only hit one monster, but do more lines and have higher attack speed.

  2. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    If I were to apply logic, I'd assume that a nerf in survivability to the TANK class means a more drastic change i how people interact with hp, be it by getting smacked in the face with squid ink, by shoving potions down your throat, or relying on people or your skills to stay in shape.

    But then again, it's Nexon.

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    Yet another marginal update to TBs comes along and they STILL haven't removed that god forsaken equal-to-duration cooldown on Arc Charger. For f'uck's sake, Nexon....

    Tables in my vicinity are in severe danger of being upturned if I don't see that change by the time this hits the live server

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    Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    We can all agree that Nexon has no idea how to balance classes and just nerfs everyone to the same level instead

    Needless to say that after a massive outrage in the community things will be changed

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    Except paladins, I agree "the direction" of this balancing.
    ("The direction" means that I am skeptical about suitability of values.)

    All jobs which nerfed in this patch are stronger than others in the game today.
    In the aspect of the "Utility skill nerfed", I think it is necessary to keep equitableness and difficulty.

    However, of course I think that this balancing are not enough.
    There are more jobs which needs upper balancing, Corsair... Cannons... Buccaneer... Shadower...etc

    Anyway, balancing is just started.
    Let's enjoy praying! ...oops, playing the game!

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    Well this is KMST we can only hope they don't flop it on the real servers or they are really digging a grave for the game this time

  7. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    This patch somehow reminds me of Battle Mage overhaul last time, which everyone was so pissed off of it, hopefully KMS maplers sound out their opinion for the rest of maplers around the world to ditch this revamp.

  8. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Haven't gone through all of friendstory yet, so can someone tell me if Lotus is already in it? Because to me that looks exactly like Lotus and a teaser for including him in friendstory.

  9. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    No, it was mentioned in the chapter with Orchid that Lotus died in an accident of some kind (I forgot what).

  10. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    "Lotus awakens his full psychokinetic potential seconds before the fatal car crash." :D

  11. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    It better be. They fixed nothing for Aran, all they did was reduce buff cooldowns which barely changes anything, increase hit numbers and increase the speed of some skills. In the case of Aran, these fixes are like a bandaid on a Job that has cancer. It is Aran's gameplay that suckx, yet they improve exaclty the things that make Aran such a bore to play.

  12. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    While I agree, I think the reason neither Evan nor Aran got the reboot they desperately needed was to avoid backlash. I mean, I still see some people being bitter about the changes to Pirates even though they happened eons ago. Not to mention the scrapped Battle Mage revamp.

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    Buccaneer changes were similar to Aran's. Buccanners were the most complex class in the game which had to chain a lot of attacks to train efficiently and stay alive through boss fights, then they change them and bang, its all about Bucc blast 90% of the job's lifespan... that sure was sad. Aran's gameplay has never been that diverse but every time they buff him all they do is put all efficiency on spamming Overswing and make everypineappleingthing else useless more and more.

    Maybe Nexon doesn't like complex jobs cuz lil kids wouldn't play them or something.

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    Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    I had just realized, while they are babbling about balance and crap, They've not cleaned up the tool tips for skills, What I mean is the following, "Level 20: MP Cost: +125%, Damage: +125%","Level 10: MP Cost: +50%, Magic Attack: +50%".
    You get the point? This is whole darn tooltip pomegranate is still confusing players and it's annoying, how can they talk about balance when the skills they want to balance and such are in such poor state of description? Will they ever realize, We need dynamic tooltip or some guidelines, without us googling about what each word actually is? Prime example; The 4 types of "dodge" and crap.

    And if they truly want to balance pomegranate so badly, Why not to revisit, the formulas as well for pineapples sake.

  15. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    you mean like in DFO?

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    IGN: Watt
    Server: 루na
    Level: 240
    Job: Hero
    Guild: 깜찍
    Alliance: 깜찍qkff
    Farm: 에디

    Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    I don't remember how it used to be in DFO, However there's no doubt that anything that's not like the current system would be better, It's too messy and dumb, I have no issues to figure things out but somethings *cough* dodges, avoid etc etc *cough* are complete bullpomegranate, and the other example I've shown before, and sadly there are many more messy examples that show how sloppy this thing is.

  17. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    I forgot to say that, given Lotus is the "Gravity Lord", that guy in the picture definitely has to be him, I really hope this somehow confirms Orchid as a job because she was foreshadowed as one a year ago and therefore she is the only new job I will accept. This game doesn't need any more jobs.

  18. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    I agree, Just because they haven't released a job in over a year doesn't mean we still need one.

  19. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Seconding dynamic/real time tool tips!

    In DFO, when you add a TP(EX) skill, the skill it affects is updated with the bonus values. So a skill that's 300% damage with a TP add on of +20% damage would show up as 360%. Any skill with +x skill level changes the level number to green.

    The format for readouts on MS are pain currently, it feels like a wall of text. I'd prefer them to do "next line" format with a mix between DFO, DotA2, and League; it's much more organized and understandable.

    Just gonna throw out some examples..
    Advanced Charge Lv 5 with 4 stack

    Elemental Amplification Lv10 affecting Chain Lightning Lv 30 w/ Reinforce Hyper

    Too many types of Evasion. They need to normalize them into 3 types.
    Evasion: +xxx/xxx% to stats.
    Evasion Rate: % chance to evade an attack. (Evading a status ailment as well, I'm iffy about it. Logically if you evade an attack, you shouldn't be hit by the status as well, but having such high evasion would make Status Resistance unnecessary?)
    Block Rate: % chance to block an attack including status ailment.



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