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Thread: [In Progress] Pink Zakum Event: 5/20 – 6/2

  1. Default Pink Zakum Event: 5/20 – 6/2

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Pink Zakum Event: 5/20 – 6/2

    The rewards are actually not as listed.

    You need 4 Use slots and 1 Etc slot free to receive them, and you get
    - The box they mention (I got a trait potion out of mine...)
    - Tele rock like they said
    - attack buff coupon (1 day expiration, gives att based on your level)
    - 1 power elixir
    - 2 measly 10th Anniversary Coins (I was kind of hoping the Update Notes were incorrectly formatted, and it should be 5 coins per clear, but no)



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