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    "RELIVE your favorite FINAL FANTASY moments in the megahit from Japan, FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper!

    Fight with your favorite FINAL FANTASY heroes, battle through classic FINAL FANTASY moments, restore the lost memories and save the world once again."

    -As described on the official website here.

    Launched internationally just about two weeks ago. It's basically really old school Final Fantasys' combat system mixed with Stamina paced dungeon venturing. There are two ingame currencies: Mythrils and Gems, though they have the exact same function and purpose. Only difference is that Mythril is earned from gameplay and Gems are bought with those wrinkly papers and flimsy plastic cards in your smelly wallet(s).

    It also has its own dreaded (or beloved) Gachapon-esque system, the "Relic Draw", but I find it basically a cash grab only targeted for the nostalgic old farts; the game is completely playable without using a single weapon exclusive to the Gachapon due to its gameplay mechanics. I pre-registered, started at launch, and have yet to pull a Relic Draw outside of the mandatory one at the end of the tutorial (and I did not even bother resetting for a good one). In 4 to 5 days, I cleared all the Normal dungeons that are currently available, and that's with terrible management of my Stamina since it recovers 1 Stamina/3 minutes.

    Recruiting characters is done through the normal dungeons, and some are tied to specific events on rotation, e.g. the current event rewards Tifa and Sephiroth after completing certain floors.

    Combat is turn based with characters able to either:
    -Use up to two abilities with varying usage limits
    -Limit Break

    Equipment and orbs to make abilities are drop based and some are also given for clearing dungeons. There's also a couple given for "Mastering" a dungeon.

    Useful resources:
    The Official Strategy site/wiki page
    The subreddit that basically has EVERYTHING on the sidebar

    Think that covers most of it. Anyone else having a blast with it as I am? About to finish the FF7 event dungeon tonight once my Stamina allows and get the iconic antagonist.

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    I just tried it out. It's alright. It reminds me of Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light, which is an app that mimics the Dragon Quest Monsters series, similar to this mimicing the Final Fantasy franchise. The only major difference is that you don't wander around a map of tiles.

    Overall it's fun, but eventually it gets very grindy and requires use of the cash shop to progress (almost identical to the Relic system here, in fact). I hope the same thing doesn't happen here, and I'll play it for a while, but I won't be surprised if I end up quitting it for the same reason.

    Edit: The menus are very laggy and fidgety for me, on my Galaxy Note 4. I feel like it shouldn't be this bad for a bunch of menus.
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    Yeah, the lag thing seems to be an Android-only issue. Japan must really love their iPhones or something.

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    Just downloaded this after seeing your thread. It's pretty fun, and the cash grabbing really does seem fairly optional. I've been blazing through it and the stamina recovers pretty quickly.

    Just wish I hadn't jumped on so late for this. I'm going to get Tifa, but most likely won't be able to upgrade enough to get Sephiroth in time. Oh well. I'm having fun with it so far, plus the music man. Hoooly crap the nostalgia. I love it.

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    I hear Tifa and Sephiroth were brought back later in a different event in the Japanese version, so don't sweat it there.

    And yeah, I love how the game centers mostly on Abilities and Realm Synergy rather than strictly on gear.

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    Wooo, definitely over-prepared for the FFIV event dungeon; I am literally auto-battling my way to victory. My guys are basically one-shotting the fodder floors and tanking everything.

    Rydia with a fully upgraded Whip and Black Cowl is also scary as hell here.



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