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    Default Male Fighter Discussion

    Figure if everyone else is making one, I'll make this one. I got both a Nen Master and Striker to level 70 before DFO shut down the game so I got decent (although not masterful) knowledge of the two classes. I've touched Brawler for a bit, but only got him to ~45. I know that dowie got a Brawler to cap and even got a whole Chronicle set for him so he'll be your to-go Brawler guru. Grappler I'm planning to make soon.

    Post questions about the sub-classes, builds, and all-around discussion about the male counterpart.

    Quick and dirty differences from Male and Female subclasses:

    What IS a Nen Master? They are a class that uses lots of electrocution and light damage to hurt enemies, while also supplying very good defensive/offensive buffs to parties. Short-medium range attacks.
    Differences: The males are far more in-your-face, but still decent support. They rely on Tiger Flash and Spiral Nens as their bread and butter, which they get around 15-20. It basically makes them really tanky, gives them decent range. Expect a lot of XXXing. Female Nen Masters are more support based, with still very good ranged attacks. Males get a more instant, shorter lasting, lower CD Nen Guard. Females get a longer lasting, bigger, stronger, higher CD Nen Guard.

    What IS a Striker? Take Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, any UFC champion, and combine them all into one badass mofo. Their attack range is usually pitiful, but they hit HARD, nuclear explosion hard. They get their own Super Armor buff, tends to run very high crit AND strength, and does damage that's very very competitive. The basic gist is get in the enemies face and unleash EVERYTHING.
    Differences: Main differences lie in their awakenings. The Male gets essentially a transformation buff where his legs are on fire and he gets both cooldown and delay reductions, meaning he can spam his attacks even more. Females get a super strong single kick that's been shown to outright one-shot bosses. Males also get a Lightning Dance where it allows them to gather up all enemies in the room into one pile and kick them all.

    What IS a Brawler? These guys don't fight fair. They'll abuse and rely on status effects to disable or hinder enemies. Bleeding, stunning, blinding, poisoning, you name it. Played right, your enemies will die from all the damage over time rather than direct damage. Their range is pretty decent, roughly close to medium range.
    Differences: Female are more in-your-face, while males basically pre-load his dirty tricks and tosses from a decent range.

    What IS a Grappler? If you like wrestling moves, this is the class for you. They are special in that most of their moves pimp slap the enemies from doing anything at all, plus many of their moves give invincibility frames. As close ranged as Strikers, but they tend to have a littler more leniency since they just gotta touch the enemy rather than have to be super precise.
    Differences: Females use fixed damage more, while males use percentage damage way more. Females tend to be better at holding enemies in one place, while males are more about dealing real SOVIET damage. From what I read, Male Grapplers have bugs with their moves if they lag too much, so this class may not be friendly to those with potato internets.

    I'll pull up gameplay videos of the Male Fighters when I can. For now, feel free to discuss.

  2. Default Re: Male Fighter Discussion

    Make that general fighter? We need a couple of threads, but not too many.

    F Fighter master race.

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs

    Default Re: Male Fighter Discussion

    It may work, but I feel like leading a thread for both classes feels a whee bit unfair for Sera (Aniphares), since she's a definite master on Female Fighters.



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