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  1. Default SH:FDH VS Stone Golems

    Okay so since i'm on break from school and work for a few days i want to try and level to 215.

    Stone golems give 64640 exp

    and SH:First drill hall mobs give 88243 exp

    Stone golems there's more mobs and I can go through the map each side by using rush, I 1hko them with this skill.
    I have a hyper that has a 8 second cd and I can hit both platforms with this skill, it hits 8 mobs
    There are a lot of mobs, and there's no card lag either, the spawn is really nice too.
    The only problem with this I guess is the exp.

    For FDH I only see 12 mobs with no kanna.
    Theres far more mobs in warrior grounds I'd say at least 3x more mobs.

    which would be better for me?
    More mobs+less exp+bigger map or
    less mobs+more exp+ smaller map

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    Default Re: SH:FDH VS Stone Golems

    Good mobbers would go golems. There's also the fact that elites spawn there as well, so you can make a bit of meso while grinding. Just get a Kanna there to activate instant spawn, which is the hardest part.



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