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    I haven't played Maple actively for awhile, so I'm a little confused as to how to get "Stars" in order to progress to the different areas that require "Star Force".

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    How to get stars on normal equipments
    1. Click on red hammer button at bottom right corner of inventory
    2. Drag equipment with 0 upgrade slot onto box
    3. Click enhance to pay meso to try enhancing it (inserting a star)
    --a.)Success: you gain a star
    --b.)Failure (keep): you don't lose a star when you fail the enhancement --(at 0-5, 10 stars)
    --c.)Failure (drop): you lose a star when you fail the enhancement (at star 6-9,11-15)
    --d.)Destroyed: Your equipment is destroyed and you get a equipment trace of that equipment which you can use on a new equipment to restore the destroyed equipment with all it scrolls in tact, without any stars. (at star 13-15)
    (note: pre-enhanced equip is weaker than a freshly enhanced starforce equip)

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    Thanks !

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    I hate this, this make all those pre-star force equipment super weak, I loss at least 100 all stats on just 7 equipment slots.



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