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  1. Default Weapon Potential - Steal

    Before the Thief revamp we used to be able to get a chance to proc steal (the bandit skill) effects on a weapon's potential.
    Is that still possible to get? If so, whats the % chance for them by tier? Been looking everywhere online but I can't seem to find the info anywhere.

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    Default Re: Weapon Potential - Steal

    I believe Steal was a glove potential.

    Other than that I don't have info, sorry.

  3. Default Re: Weapon Potential - Steal

    Should be "#prop% chance to apply Auto Steal." you're looking for I think.

    Has the supposed Miracle Cube probability rates, but there's no way to know how accurate this actually is. Check Gloves > Unique (or Legendary) for the supposed %chance to obtain those lines.

  4. Default Re: Weapon Potential - Steal

    Dang, 2% chance to get a 5% chance to steal line on a weapon or 3% chance on gloves. :( Thanks for the source info though. I was considering trying to make my Bishop my item farmer, but I guess I won't bother with steal on her. Though it is good to know that there is also drop rate & meso obtained lines.

    I noted there were different levels, does that mean it has a 5% chance to activate and then resolve the 31-33% chance to actually drop something?



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