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  1. Default Wait, what? When did this become a thing? (Hayato)

    I logged into MapleStory for the first time in months for the Yue class (Eunwol). I logged into my Hayato and saw that my skills were reset, but wtp is this?

    It seems a beginner skill was added that costs 0 mana and deals 120% damage to a single target once.

    That said, Shippuu Samidarejin is... better(?) now. I don't remember what damage it used to deal, but it seems higher now and the cool down seems smaller to me.

  2. Default Re: Wait, what? When did this become a thing? (Hayato)

    It used to do 500% damage 6 times 600 sec cooldown. source

    Now it's 1500% damage 6 times 300 second cooldown...(and mp cost was doubled but lol who cares)

    Huge buff.



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