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    Guess we should've really expected a new movie to come out after the last one. But here is the reveal. Looks interesting nevertheless...
    The tagline being “The worst wish in history. That is the beginning of despair.”
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    I guess Toriyama is way too old to try to make a new DBZ anime, and after the bad critics DBGT had maybe they don't wanna risk handling something like it to a new studio.

    Battle of gods wasn't more than enjoyable for me so I don't hold my expectations high for this one. In fact I believe they should just remake GT with only Baby and the 7 dark dragons and let the franchise die already.

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    dragonball kai will probably, eventually, get to GT saga, so the remake is already there. i doubt they will adjust the storyline for any serious improvement. i liked the whispers and <Rumors> of a timeskip new generation, but the power escalation is just to exponential.

    DB franchise will need something entirely fresh if they want a true rebirth. no 'perspective retelling' no random backstories

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    Looks like they'll revive someone from the web page trailer, since broly isn't Canon and this movie was said to be Canon, I think it'll be Majin Buu with him absorbing a bunch of badies like Cell or Freezer.

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    Remake =/= remaster.
    DBGT needs an entire remake specially since most of the battle scenes in DBGT were just plain terrible. You can literally count with 1 hand the fights that were drawn by the main animator. The plot was dumb for the most part too, just drop all that about Goku turning 8 again and traveling through the universe searching for the dark dragon balls and start at Baby attacking earth and somehow abusing the dragon balls with a bunch of wishes then awakeing the dark dragons.

    Actually now that Goku has become the super saiyan god It'd be the perfect opportunity to make Brolly canon since he is the super saiyan of legends and have then fight for the tittle. Brolly's always been one of the best villains in DB.
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    i disagree, DBGT isnt as horrible as popular opinion; just when compared to the others it was quite bad. If you look at some of the original DB story lines, GT is fairly equivelant in its underdeveloped plot devices, macgruffins, and character development. part of GT's failure is the hype/success of DBZ, and also its hurried, and not quite believable story mechanics. shrinking goku was obviously just a way to self-ridicule the power escalation flaws; and to reminisce about the original series.

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    Also the constant way they forget little to large things about DBZ without any real explanation. Goku being beaten down by enemies fighting on the same level as Pan, Goku being able to read the power level of Androids ("He's even stronger than Majiin Buu!"), Gohan forgetting completely that he no longer goes SSJ anymore and has a Mystic form that is far more powerful, etc. It more resembles a fan fic than anything else and I can't be absolutely certain it's even considered to be canon.

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    Is it weird that I vastly preferred Dragonball GT to Dragonball Z? I liked the adventure aspects of it, which I think Z was lacking. Dragonball was about the adventure, and GT brought it back to its roots. Z was was just fight scene after boring fight scene, oh another threat to earth, time for a new power up.

    GT was way more fun.

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    GT had it's moments. Some were pretty bad, but I actually though other arcs were actually okay. Super Android 17 arc was my favorite, though nostalgia might have played a role in that.

    The premise that started GT was pretty bad though. At least in my opinion.

    Those were some of the things that bothered me. It also doesn't make any coherent sense how normal state Goku could destroy some of the more menacing villains while he couldn't in SSJ4. Fight scenes were notably shorter compared to Z, and while it isn't totally relevant, the dub's music was awful.

    And no, GT isn't canon.

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    The only good thing about more dragonball z movies is there will eventually be an abridged version.

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    Have you watched this one? I actually loved this one, it felt more like the anime than anything, but thats just my opinion, besides broly/cooler most of the videos were terrible lol

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    Feeling like the dragonball z anime isn't a particularly glowing review to give something.

    It's one of the worst paced things I've ever seen, only being excusable because for some reason people standing and screaming at each other was apparently cool when I was 8.

    Since I assume you meant battle of gods (I'm keeping my time machine a secret), no I didn't watch much of it.

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    new dragonball stories will just need a modern plot; with proper structure, twists, gimmicks...
    its pretty difficult to write a great story; and many many (13 - 24 episode) animes never get a second season. granted, GT only survived for so many episodes due to franchise, there was no actual followup series.

    most of the movies are pathetically boring, with classic hero-last-minute-powerup-to-win with no lasting entertainment or even re-watchablity.

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    It is true that DBGT isn't as bad, and that it only looks worse when compared to DBZ, but It was the clousure to what still might be the most popular anime in history, yet couldn't even stay on the same quality level.

    The issues I have with DBGT are; 1) The battles. Most of them were drawn bad. 2) the plot. Anything before Dr. Myuu was boring and it didn't really pick up until Baby made it to earth. 3) it was rushed. Everything came and went by so fast it felt as it was never meant to be important. 4) Power levels. EVERYONE was nerfed in the series. Even if Goku could only go SSJ1 he should have been able of blowing planets with a finger, yet we see him struggle against some of the silliest villains, like those 3 guys in the worms asteroid. DBZ might have had the same issues but these simply felt stronger in GT. (ba dum phs)

    The difference between the original and GT was mainly the power levels, Even if Goku was weaker It just felt ludicrous to see them struggle against anyone in space, like the fish-like thing with the mustaches that "could call upon earthquakes" or even that guy that could fuse with a Giru's planet . If they really wanted to bring back the adventure aspect of the original they should have made Pan and Bra steal the ship instead.

    As for the one that said DBGT's musci was terrible, I hold my thoughtd with this one. IDK about the english version and while the BGMs used in the japanese version weren't as good as Z (except for a couple ones) The japanese opening still stands as the best of the whole franchise and heck I'm willing to put it among my top 3 anime openings of all time. All endings of GT were great too.

    For me this is the best transformation in the whole series, far above Gohan going SSY2 and its mainly because of the BGM.

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    Welp, here's the exact same scene in the english dub:

    It honestly feels like Funimation tried to appeal to 'Murica with guitars and drums, but it actually had the opposite effect.



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