Super Giant Mushroom Chair
Skull Throne
Tea Time Chair
Yellow Robot Chair
Hospital Bed
Horntail Chair
Dragon Egg Chair

PERM Lord Pirate Prisoner
90 Day Helicopter

3 line epic half earrings, 0 slot 3 matk 3 int. Potential is 3% all stat 6% int 6% max MP with 1% int neb
Ele wand 5, 2 line epic, 164 m atk, 9 int, 3 ee. Potential is 3% all stat 3% luk.

'12 Title holder'

I know its a lot but I appreciate it!! (also if you have an acc in bera, I'm signed in at fm 8 cc1 with my shop up so you can see EQPs. Title is 'LNO')