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Thread: E3 2014

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    E3 2014 thread.

    Here's a report card template for you guys to mess around with:

    Big Image

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    Hahahaha that's pretty funny can't wait to see it filled out

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    done for the most part


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    I don't really have high hopes for E3 this year. I know Kingdom Hearts info will probably be released though.


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    Waluigi is never getting a game ever.

    He's a worthless character they invented to fill out the golf/tennis/kart roster and nothing more.

  8. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    Gosh you're no fun. :(

    (In case it wasn't obvious, which it probably was not, I was not being serious. )

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    I wonder how people loves that character, oh well...

    looking foward project diva f2nd(I really hope they add subtitles option this time), mario maker and just dance 2015, they're already teasing it

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    I don't think we will get more than this.

    I am so excited about Microsoft this year. I could also use more info on Quantum Break.

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    Since this is the year of Luigi, give me a Super Luigi game where he has to rescue Daisy from... Wart. Because you know... he is green like Luigi. (Waluigi sucks)

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    Year of Luigi was last year. It ended on March 18, 2014.

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    There's always time for Luigi.

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    Wow...what a hottie

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    The year is over when he says it's over.

  16. Can of Soup Straight Male
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    This!!!. I was entering expecting some hype train photos and I ended up looking at everything on her twitter...

    On toppic: I don't really have high hope for this E3, mainly I just wanna see the new Zelda, X and Halo 5.

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    I think I read on siliconera that square has no plans on releasing new info on kingdom hearts 3 along with the new final fantasy.

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    Spoiler because huge image and naughty language

    Just because Yahtzee was joking about the PC Gaming Master Race doesn't make it not true.

    If anything doesn't make sense, it's because I barely play console games (and yes, I know they're not on Halo 9 and Modern Warfare 7... yet). Does EA do Call of Duty? Or is it Battlefield? Maybe Medal of Honor? I don't know. Nor do I care. I don't play spunkgargleweewee.

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    For the first time since I got a job, I can actually watch E3 and not get any spoilers, provided I wake up in time

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    Based on the sneak peak video of Beast Souls, it looks pineappleing awesome. DUAL WIELDING A MELEE WEAPON AND A pineappleING SHOTGUN, HELL YEAH.



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