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  1. Default Maplestory time warp?

    Would Maplestory be better if it were reverted to its pre - BB state? (potential system does not get removed) I mean, maybe keeping some of the best parts from Big bang but largely changing everything back? Sure it is a lot less of a hassle to make multiple characters these days but every now and then, I see threads that basically have the same message: Somehow the game is not as satisfying as it once was. Opinions plz?

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  2. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    Nothing about pre big bang was better than we have now, so there is no reason to go back.

    The problem is they failed to ever add any compelling new content, instead now sticking to a cycle of REVAMP/NEWCLASS/EVENT PATCH (often more than one) and maybe a new area once or twice a year.

    The games not worse (other than cubes), it's just not worth playing if you have been for a long time because nothing changes.

  3. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    Essentially when I read anyone complain for pre BB, I feel this is what they are actually trying to say. Big bang did not immediately come with cubes/potential.

    EDIT: Which frankly I feel no player would complain that these shouldn't be changed, especially with the incredibly centered dependency around them.

  4. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    I find the game more satisfying than it used to be.
    Pre-BB sucked imo.

  5. Brick Male
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    Default Re: Maplestory time warp?



    At least there's progression now, even if it's only made through money. Back then, there wasn't an obvious way to get anywhere other than connections, which elitists made really hard to get.

  6. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    I don't see why people keep asking pre-bb ms, the only good thing of pre-bb was the community was more social... that's all. (maybe maps design too)

    the game was always a f2w machine, the only problem is potential system is more invasibe than gachapon giving x scrolls pre-bb ms

  7. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    The potential system hit just before Big Bang I think, around the time of the Alien Visitor event. I could have gotten it jumbled though.

  8. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    I would be 100% okay if potential/bonus potential was removed entirely. There's been a lot of cool stuff added to the game over the years and it'd be a shame if they fully reverted everything, but I wouldn't miss potential at all.

    I think that would kill what is left of the game though. The current player base seems to consist mostly of people who feel too invested to quit (until the futility of it kicks in at least), and I imagine the majority of the people who would have considered coming back to a potential-less version of MapleStory have now long since forgotten about it and have other things to fill their time with.

  9. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    Make a server without potential and without surprise boxes. Adjust the mobs to be on part with the new damage curve and we are set. Maplestory is pretty fun (and unique... if for everyone's disgrace)

  10. Mercury Male
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    Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    If they even think in remove potential, maybe they could do a ''secondary status'' that isn't so OP or at least not super pay2win, thinking in the nebulites that are great but they it's not so nice, since peoples only normaly get from gacha they won't chance(you need wast $$ to get nebulites in the game if not in the fm).

  11. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    I believe it came out when Dual Blades came out, right before Visitors.

  12. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    Sorry, but, THIS AGAIN? Why do we keep asking this question?

  13. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    I'll be damn'd it was 6 months before BB

    Now I'm really confused why people didn't like BB

  14. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    It's bizarre right? But yes potentials get to stay in, most likely. (I should probably add that to the OP) The poll makes less sense now but oh well.

  15. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    As long as the damage cap was 199,999, potential was almost harmless. It was enough to get 3-6% mainstat on a few items to reach that cap, and that could be done easily enough just by hunting and revealing monster drops.

  16. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    For me, it was the start of the stream lining and dumbing down.
    And as Sapta says, the damage cap change.

  17. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    Seriously dude? The pre-BB topic is beat to death so much here. You might as well have bumped one of these three threads...if sp would let you that is (and i'm glad it wouldn't).

  18. Trump minus th money
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    Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    then what good would it do

    eh whatever potential was harmless back then. sure

  19. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    No good.

  20. Default Re: Maplestory time warp?

    Well, I did not mean it as a purely Old v. New debate, rather taking the best parts of both and making something new. As poorly worded as I made it in the poll.



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