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  1. Default Played in a 3v3 ARAM tournament

    This weekend, there was one of those anime/comic/cosplay conventions in my city, a friend of mine that was visiting needed one more person for his team, so I decided to sign up with him and another friend of ours. It was for a 3v3 ARAM LoL tournament, I thought it was kinda odd, but seemed like a fun way to spend the weekend.

    There was only space for 8 teams (because time constraint). Entry fee was around $8 USD. Best of 3. In case of any team getting Nidalee, the game would get remade (happened like thrice). Winner gets $150 USD.


    My team (Not Korean, Just Amazing) skipped the first game, because the other team was no show.

    The second series (which was our first), against Pupu con Queso, the ARAM Gods did not smile up on us, giving us Vi, Blitz, Trundle (me) v Kass, Cass, Talon. We had to bide our time and avoid the Cass poke, looking for a good hook. We eventually won that game. It was really close though, I think we were down to just one Nexus Turret when we won the last time fight.

    The second match was worse, we got Warwick, Singed, Trundle (me) v Orianna, Twitch, Olaf. Once again, avoid poke, all in and destroy the "carries". We also won that game, and thus, the series, advancing to the finals against Bronzeando por un Sueño.

    NKJS (top) v BpuS (bottom)

    Our team is made up of two Platinums & one Diamond, their team is a Gold, Diamond & Challenger (that recently got signed by an eSports team in LAN).

    We were hoping that the ARAM Gods would be kind to us this time, but... it was still a struggle. Shaco, Kayle, Singed (me) v Ryze, Nunu, Tristana. Super hard getting past Ryze & Nunu to destroy Tristana, but after many tries, we succeeded, won and were one victory away from claiming 1st place.

    Finally, in the second match, RNG gave me Lulu, probably my best champion. My team was given Cass, Xin, Lulu (me) v Morde, Warwick, Wukong. GG easy. The Challenger guy gave me a huge hug and told me that my Lulu beastly after the game.

    We each won a Chinese deck of LoL cards, a LoL calendar, $50 USD and a free Wing Daddy's wings for a year (which is actually 10 wings a month for a year). : P



    Very fun experience, would definitely participate again. Thinking we should set up something like this here, would be fun.

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    Wow, that's amazing! RNG did NOT like you, but you made the best of it. Congratulations!



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