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Thread: [Event Discussion] Two Island Mafia - Discussion Thread

  1. Default Two Island Mafia - Discussion Thread

    Two Island Mafia
    Hello and welcome to Two Island Mafia, a themed mafia game.

    After a large transatlantic cruise ship sank, the passengers are isolated in a two island cluster. However, it is suspected that the ship was actually sabotaged by a group of pirates meaning to steal the passengerís luggage with all its valuable items.
    Now what was meant to be vacation and relaxation has turned into a nightmare, you must eliminate the pirates before they eliminate you!

    Special Rules
    • By the end of each Day, each player may send a PM to Shidoshi if they want to change islands at the end of the Day. If the player wants to stay on the same island it is not necessary to send a PM.
    • There are two Lynches per Day, one for each island. This can greatly accelerate the end of the game, be mindful of your choices.
    • Each islandís voting is independent, having its own majority and ending when itís attained. However, all players post together in the same topic which will only close when both votings reach majority or the Day ends.
    • The players will start out half in each island, assigned randomly.

    Any newcomers passing by that might be interested should look at this Quick Guide to Mafia.

    Rules - updated 05:25am PST 01/05/2014

    1. Olsi
    2. VerrKol
    3. Words
    4. Niernen
    5. Corn
    6. Zelkova
    7. xBTAx
    8. MasPan
    9. ImagineAll
    10. MetaSeraphim
    11. ChaoticCJ
    12. HolyPie
    13. TheBirds
    14. y0y0y0y0shi0
    15. Dusk
    16. Sega

    1. Polantaris
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    Lets do ittttttttttt, been a while since one of these has gone down.

  3. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
    IGN: VerrKol
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    Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    Sign me up.

    Why does the back story not include a 3 hour tour~

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    I'm up for this. Two Lynches will certainly speed up the game. Just wondering, but what was the idea about spiting on two different islands? Interesting concept, hope it works well.

  5. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    Let's roll.

  6. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    K im joining.

    We can use the group system thing that Eos wrote, yes?

  7. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    I'm in as well! long as it doesn't start till at least next Tuesday, or close to it. I have finals, and all.

  8. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    I'm in. Next ~2 weeks will be a bit rough for me as I move twice and will be separating from the Navy, but I should be able to participate actively.

    I'd advise making mention of editing posts once Night is declared in the rules. It should be obvious that this would not be allowed, as it causes confusion as to the legitimacy of a vote.

  9. Eos Scammed Me. Bi Male
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    Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    Never done it. But I'm game.

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    I was thinking of different ways to introduce double voting during the day, then this idea popped up on my mind.

    What group system? As I recall you can see who's part of a group so it wouldn't really work for private talks.

    I'll add this to the rules.

  11. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

  12. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    Hmmm, seems nice for factions that know each other's members, but it doesn't allow for faction talk. It would be more of a reminder of people's roles than anything else.

    Edit: I guess I could use the "Role" as a reminder of which Island each player is currently in. And later for role flips.

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    It has been a while, but count me in.

  14. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    I'm in, I haven't played in a while though.

  15. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    It's nice seeing some familiar faces around :D

    Guess I'll wait until around Tuesday more or less, if we still don't have 16 players by then I'll adapt the setup for less players.

  16. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    I like that it's been a while, it lets people start fresh without the sort of meta-strategies that happen when the same group plays several games together (ie, ____ never votes day 1, so if s/he's voting, something's amiss).

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    Wanted to ask everyone who's participating, would you rather wait 1-2 weeks for classes and finals to be over and then possibly have more people to play or start with the 11-12 players we have now and have another game later?

  18. Default Re: Two Island Mafia

    I'm fine with anything. I have more than enough time at the moment to read and post every day but I'm not in a hurry so I don't mind if it's 'postponed'.
    Whatever fits the rest better, I'm in.



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