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    Also called Indian Butter Chicken, this one has the great smell and taste too. After some extended shopping, I finally got all that I needed, fusing a bit of both this and this into what I have here.

    All that Shopping

    Fortunately, putting it together was not as hard as getting all the stuff down, it was definitely worth the effort.

    Warning, yummy ahead

    Smells really good, the first time I made it I went heavier Cayenne on the chicken and the whole thing, but... not everybody could take it, so this time much less of it. Also did not use Bay Leaf this time, it got a little in the way, never noticed much of a difference anyway. Yum!

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    Looks delicious, I can imagine how good was the smell there!

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    My dad likes to throw some peanut butter in when he makes it. I personally prefer eating it with rice instead of naan, but its great either way.

    FYI, Naan bread is redundant, its like saying flatbread bread.

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    Peanut butter huh? I might just be trying that next time, I do have somebody here who happens to love peanut butter jelly time, so sounds good. I usually go Naan and Rice for this, since I know there will be people who willingly cleans up both for me here .

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    Dammit Plasma. It's 11.20PM here and you're making me hungry.

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    Loveeee butter chicken



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