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    IGN: Dragon4meII
    Server: Khaini
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    Job: Kaiser
    Guild: Contagious
    Alliance: PityDaFool

    Default Requirements for maintaining crafting level

    Has any other region Maplestory that has had our current crafting system ever changed away from the requirements of daily crafting in order to maintain Meister level? It isnt so bad with Alchemy but it can get expensive with Smithing. I would at least like to see it lowered to crafting 1 item a week.

  2. Default Re: Requirements for maintaining crafting level

    Make Gold (Android) Hearts, the Recipe is a measly 15 Gollux Pennies (Blue) from Randolf, and it requires 3 Gold Plates, 4 Advanced Item Crystals and 1 Superior Abrasive. Out-of-pocket, not more than 1M if you buy everything overpriced; only 50K mesos for the Superior Abrasive if you Evolution World for mountains of Gold and also extract the equips you find.



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