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    Venezuela has been facing many problems for many years, but the last year has been the worst and this ended up in a really big crisis and protests. Below you can find some articles about it, so you can be informed better about the situation.

    The problem right now is that the world is not really aware of what is happening in Venezuela, partially because the national media is controlled by the regime, and one of the only ways that Venezuelans has to spread the word is using the social media.

    The present is only to invite you to watch the links below, known and see what is happening in Venezuela and spread the word.

    Hopefully with this many people around the world will gain interest in this and thousands more will know about it.

    Living in Venezuela: The Unpleasant Part of the story

    Violence in Venezuela

    Twitter reports image blocking in Venezuela

    Venezuela must investigate demonstration deaths

    Venezuelans Build Barricades And Battle With Police During Protests For Presidentís Resignation

    Venezuela student protest ends in deadly violence

    Venezuela: The Protest You Won't See on TV
    Also please sign this petition on Browse goodwall for more information!

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    Same OP. I think he knows.

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    Despite the government controlling the media in Venezuela, word is still getting out via various media outlets.

    I've seen a lot of this on tumblr, and one of my classmates is from Venezuela, so I've heard quite a bit from her.

    The government cannot completely censor the truth.

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    The help is what count.



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