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  1. Default Twitch Plays Pokemon

    Yes, it's here!

    Watch the Twitch stream here.

    The subreddit is here.

    The channel TwitchPlaysPokemon is a stream of Pokemon Red/Blue. The catch? You get to play, along with the thousands of other people watching at any one time. By simply typing 'up', 'down', 'left', 'right', 'a', 'b', 'start' or 'select' into Twitch chat, you too can make Pidgeotto use Sand-Attack.

    There are lots of trolls and quite a bit of latency, so it can be frustrating/hilarious/all the emotions.

    Go watch, and discuss here!

    /* #tppperry */
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  2. Default Re: Twitch Plays Pokemon

    Things that have spawned from this : Jay Leno the Rattata, praising moon stones, helix fossils, and nuggets

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    By soon you must mean within the next 48 hours.

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    oh god

    IMPORTANT: the screen seems to love fading to black super-often. Seizure warning for those susceptible.

    Fixed as of 2:9:40:00 Pokemon Stream Time (PoST).

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    Default Re: Twitch Plays Pokemon

    Jay Leno is a true boss.

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    The only thing missing from that is where his head explodes because of all the command spam.

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    Four days of incomprehensible random button spam with a twenty-second delay is somehow ahead of 10 days of the Game Grumps playing normally.

    Also I'm honestly surprised they made it out of the Rock Tunnel in less than a day. Though I suspect the run is going to come to a screeching (and game-ending) halt once they need to get Surf.

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    This is on reddit right now.

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    Let's make this clear right here:

    The step counter has been taken out of the Safari Zone. The only way to pineapple up at this point is to:
    1) Catch more than 30 Pokemon in the Safari Zone
    2) Waste all money doing 1)
    3) Not have 500 P by the time the Safari Zone is started (entry fee)

    The Safari Zone is not a game ender. Victory Road, on the other hand..

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    I feel like Safari Zone could technically be a possible game ender, especially with there being easily 30k-50k "players" now.

    Also, RIP in pieces Jay Leno and Abby

    Regarding Victory Road...


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    idg how this is entertainment due to how long it takes to see anything achieved.

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    Also it's funny to watch them struggle for like 5 minutes.

    Safari Zone is definitely a game-ender, because they constantly waste their money on useless pomegranate by being stuck in the menu, and it's plenty hard to "go find a missing trainer" for money, and since they toss all their's plenty hard to sell things for money too.

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    I do find it pretty damn funny how every battle ends up devolving into spamming the hell out of the almighty helix fossil.

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    They managed to evolve Eevee into Flareon. I have no idea.

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    @MasPan; with the save



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