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    I googled around for information about diligence, but nothing really came up for confirmation.

    So I'm wondering what would exactly count as a special scroll, aside from stuff like chaos, potential, enhancement scrolls, etc? Does diligence affect those gollux and 90% occult scrolls? And do lucky day scrolls work with them? If possible, I'd like to see a screenshot of someone having Lv100 diligence and actually blow up something for confirmation. Thanks in advance.

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    From what I understand, its multiplicative anyways.

    So even at 100, you are 0.9 * 1.1 = 0.99, resulting in possible booms. I have level 60 some odd, and I blew up a tree branch on my second occult scroll zzzzzzzzzzz

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    I am not sure it's multiplicative as the person above said. LF> Proofs.


    Look at this post and the follow-up comments, he claims that a guild-mate with level 100 diligence failed occult scroll.
    I have level 100 diligence myself and I never failed a scroll yet (around 15/15).

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    Iirc, diligence's bonus is additive, not multiplicative.

    From what I've seen, diligence does not affect gollux or occult scrolls

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    Personally speaking, I fail more advanced potential scrolls than occult scrolls. Occult scrolls being at 0 fails out of 20 so with lvl 100 diligence. If anything, the rates are lies and don't do what they say they do. Regardless, I have a guildmate that used like 70+ so occult scrolls with lvl 100 DG and didn't fail once either.

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    I also have lv100 diligence, but I have yet to fail any occult scrolls so far being 15/15. It might be very lucky, but there's a feeling of uneasiness when you don't know the rates. I sort of doubt my luck sometimes.

    Since Empress equips are pretty cheap for archers (at least in Windia), I've been scrolling the hat, overall, and shoes with nothing but those 90% occult scrolls. Nothing have blown up yet. If it does, I'll post a screenshot. Yeah, I could've chaos'ed it, but I prefer the fixed, consistent, and less expensive method. A 14-16 w att overall definitely works for me.

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    I'm testing this with 100 diligence. Have 4000 Gollux pennies, so buying 12 occult scrolls per day and throwing them on junk stuff.
    So far I've used 48 of 90% occult scrolls with no fails.

    Edit: Now 72 of 90% occult scrolls with no fails.
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