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    Since vBulletin has more or less officially ceased development on VB4 and VB5 is an absolute utter piece of crap with minimal backwards compatibility and outright lacking many features I am no longer going to concern myself with keeping the code as pure as possible.

    This means I am no longer limited to changes that can employ the built in hook system and can/will directly modify the core source as needed to suit my whims and desires.

    The benefit here for the rest of you is this means we're now more flexible, because pretty much anything I don't like about this system I am free to rewrite with prejudice.

    This may not mean much to the majority of you, but for those of you had broached ideas in the past that were too sophisticated for vBulletin to handle, or required changes to places that didn't have hooks, now is your opportunity to resubmit your idea/suggestion/request and have it evaluated on it's merits rather than it's friendliness with the system limitations.

    Mods, this means you too, although you can submit yours in the private forum if you don't feel like airing them publicly.

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    Default Re: The Gloves Are Off

    I imagine you put this thread up while "Eye of the Tiger" was playing in your head.

    Either way, sounds pretty neat.

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    More that I was trying to fix an administrative function that works but couldn't do such a simple and bloody stupid thing as log it's own usage properly and finally said screw it, there's nothing to preserve here, ripped it apart the easier way making the one damn line edit it would've taken to do it without all the vb hoops and declared open season on continuing to do so.

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    Does this have the possibility of affecting Tapatalk at all?

    I know you really really want to take it out, I'm just wondering if this will either ease the annoyance it causes or give you another reason to get rid of it.

  5. Default Re: The Gloves Are Off

    I think most of the problems with it were on their end, not his.

    Hopefully there's a way to make it less annoying though. I really don't want to see it go.

  6. Default Re: The Gloves Are Off

    Really depends.
    I have had to resort to editing their crap manually too on enough stuff that if they do an upgrade that requires us to upgrade their local stuff or not work I may have to throw it all out.

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    This is something small, so I don't think it really needs its own thread, but would it be possible to make pineapples and pomegranates removable? Right now, if you click one, you can only switch between the two, not remove it. If you click one by accident, or someone changes their post, you can't change your fruit.

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    It's been on the to do list, but never got around to it since it's so minor.

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    Is it possible for a thread starter to dictate roles within a thread, then have those roles reflected on usernames in the thread?

    Like this maybe?

    I think having this ability may make mafia games or online meetups easier to do.

  10. Default Re: The Gloves Are Off

    Are those actual functional roles of some sort, or are just textual designations within the context of the thread?

  11. Default Re: The Gloves Are Off

    It would help a ton in general for forum games. Great idea!

  12. Default Re: The Gloves Are Off

    Textual designation within the context of the thread.

    If you want to get even more in depth with the mafia games bit, you may be able to make it so "Group A" could not see "Group B"'s titles. This would help even more with mafia games.



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