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    Default Live Chat - Has Anyone Else Noticed?

    Has anyone else noticed that in the last couple of days or so, they've removed the "Other" option in the drop-down box in live chat? This means that for the time being we have no means of inquiring address of item deletion, hellbans, anything else not on the list (all the important things you'd want to contact live chat for at the moment)... it's almost as if they're force-routing to the ticket system.

    EDIT: You can address hellbans via the ban appeals option.

  2. Default Re: Live Chat - Has Anyone Else Noticed?

    I've never even gotten the live chat function to work to begin with so

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    Default Re: Live Chat - Has Anyone Else Noticed?

    Tried like 15 times on different days to get there back when I was banned and no success. I got in to the wrong section twice and GM failed to redirect me. The problem with it was that it kicked out after 10mins of inactivity -> couldn't progress in the queue.



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