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  1. Default Which cards should I use?

    Available cards (All S Rank):

    Cannon Shooter
    Dawn Warrior
    Demon Slayer
    Buccaneer (Planning on deleting for EunWol.)
    Jett (Planning on deleting if it ever comes down to needing the slot.)
    Angelic Buster
    Demon Avenger
    Thunder Breaker
    Wind Archer
    Archmage I/L
    Beast Tamer

    Currently I use:

    Deck 1:

    Buccaneer, Angelic Buster, Thunder Breaker

    Deck 2:

    Xenon, Demon Avenger, Mechanic

    Deck 3 for non-Magicians:

    Kaiser, Hayato, Zero (Would swap out with Paladin if I ever hit 200 on someone.)

    Deck 3 for Magicians:

    Luminous, Kanna, Archmage I/L

    For the most part, I go for the cards with bonuses I want and pair them in decks accordingly, not really caring for the deck bonuses so much. But I'm wondering if there is a more optimal setup with what I have than what I'm currently going with.

  2. Default Re: Which cards should I use?

    xenon mech jett
    Zero kanna demon avenger
    Beast tamer hayato mercedes

  3. Default Re: Which cards should I use?

    just wondering, now that we have beast tamer, is there even a point to the pirate deck? Most pirate cards suck, the only ones i can think are decent Eunwol/mech, and level S beast tamer is alreay 6% ignore defense, so wouldnt that open 1 slots up for something better o.o

    Also for best optimal we would need to know which class/es you play more/main.

  4. Brick Male
    IGN: ZeroCA
    Server: Windia
    Level: 21x
    Job: Zero
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A
    Farm: ReneMule

    Default Re: Which cards should I use?

    For my Hayato:
    Hayato, any 2 of Zero/Kaiser/DS
    Xenon, DA, Mech (swap in DS if I wanna and it's not in other deck)
    Kanna, Beast Tamer, MM/Merc(will replace with Evan someday when I reach 100% crit w/o Issen because Dojo)

    For my Mage secondary acc:
    DA, DS, Mech
    Zero, Hayato, MM/Merc(don't know any other useful warrior or resistance -to swap out DS from resistance deck- cards, and the warrior effect sucks anyway, so this is fine)
    Kanna, Luminous, Beast Tamer

  5. Default Re: Which cards should I use?

    Few of these cards are only good in some situations. DS for status resistance, some classes need this more than others, Zero for grinding, Marksman for jobs who lack of critical rate (I know you dont have it), Jett for jobs that rely a little on summons (Cannon and Sair mostly, it doesnt work for Xenon hologram at all) & Beast tamer card isnt really that great for grinding, a pure stat card would give you more dmg boost.

    Would be easier if you told us which job you play the most, but anyways:

    Deck 1 (pirate deck): Xenon, AB/Cannon & Mechanic
    Reasoning: PDR is always welcome in my eyes, even for bossing, no matter how little it is (mind you the boost may not be that great if you kill bosses below empress tier). You get AB card if you are a STR, LUK or DEX job, you will benefit from the small dmg no matter what, same goes for Xenon. If you are an INT based class the AB card can be switched with cannon in case you die. Mechanic card is NEVER bad, long buff duration becomes really handy when it comes to decent skills or short duration buffs like opatz code.

    Deck 2: DA Kanna & Hayato (nothing special, triple dmg boost)
    Reasoning: Do I need one? Crit dmg, and 6% boss dmg, you cannot say no. But when you grind its better to replace DA with Zero & Kanna with Kaiser/Lumi (unless you are a LUK based class, then you will go with Paladin)

    Deck 3: Beast tamer, DS/Merc/Jett/Lumi/Kaiser/Paladin/striker/Buccaneer
    Reasoning: This set will only be leftover junk, meaning it will be depend on what you are doing, again.
    For grinding: Beast tamer is a sure thing. Skip DS, skip Jett if you dont need summon duration, skip merc if you dont need cooldown reduction, paladin/kaiser/lumi is already placed in deck 2 for grinding purpose (or rather only one of them, so you can still pick paladin if you placed lumi or kaiser in deck 2) and that leaves you to striker and bucc. If you are a mage based class bucc and striker wont do anything for you at all, so pick I/L & Phantom/Hero/Dawn Warrior instead.
    For bossing: Beast tamer, DS if you need status resistance (most of the time you do), Merc for cooldown reduction or Jett for summon duration. But if you dont need status resistance and you play a job like cannoneer, pick both of them instead and ditch DS (not saying that cannons dont need status resist, just that they benefit from both summon duration and cooldown reduction).

    You could do a bit improving that would avoid this mass switching card all the time depending on your situation, but I dont think you can do better than what I suggested for specific situations, given that you dont lvl a new char for char cards ofc.

  6. Default Re: Which cards should I use?

    why do people keep getting the mage set it's awful

    it adds damage to the final attack not your range calculation

    like let's say you have 100k mp
    and the mage set adds 8% of your mp to your hit

    ...yaaaay you hit 8k more.

    if you were going to hit 20,000,000
    you'd hit 20,008,000

  7. Brick Male
    IGN: ZeroCA
    Server: Windia
    Level: 21x
    Job: Zero
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A
    Farm: ReneMule

    Default Re: Which cards should I use?

    The same reason I make a warrior deck. The individual effects are appealing but don't fit into a job set (applies for hayato, zero, and kaiser) so wynaut?

    Kanna and Beast Tamer can't go in a set, and most of the Heroes card effects are horrible except Lumi for Mages (Merc utility is small, Evan only for dojo) so those three fit in a set well.

    BTW in your setup you can swap kanna and hayato for free lolboost and replace merc with a mage if you want if CD reduce isn't useful for an even less lolboost.

    Unless there are other individual cards that are worth more, ofc.

    On the same note Pally Bucc and TB cards are horrible never use them.

  8. Default Re: Which cards should I use?

    Strickly depens on the situaton, given that you arent bossing they are free dmg boost for grinding, especially if you got nothing better to use.



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