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  1. Default Time Coin farming

    Trying to craft the Gold Knight Set, but I still need ~500 more coins to get the last two recipes.

    Is there another way to farm these coins besides spamming dungeons? I've already done all the sidequests, kind of wish there was a repeatable quest for Time Coins...

  2. Default Re: Time Coin farming

    If possible, you could make another Zero and do the quests on that. You could also have someone else with the recipe craft it for you, but that's risky.

  3. Default Re: Time Coin farming

    If you're lucky, dungeon boss can drop gold label recipes. I got suit recipe from somewhere I forgot.

  4. Default Re: Time Coin farming

    Make another Zero. With Quest Booster it is plain crazy.


  5. Default Re: Time Coin farming

    So it seems like the consensus is another Zero. Bleh.

    Thanks for the input, least now I know I'll have to make another before they close creation.

  6. Default Re: Time Coin farming

    As of level 15X (in Magatia now), I have about 1.6K time coins. It remains the single most time-efficient way of obtaining recipes and dimensional fragments (well... maybe not this, but it can be bought in bulk) and related stuff.

    I wouldn't do this on a massive scale though... 24 Zeroes for time coins is... bending rules abit.


  7. Default Re: Time Coin farming

    Especially since you keep the recipe forever after using it (I think).

  8. Default Re: Time Coin farming

    You do.



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