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    I am having trouble deciding what archer class to main but right now I'm leaning towards a WA because I like their skills.

    From doing some digging and reading it feels like WA are pretty weak in GMS compared to other archers in the bossing/dojo category. I can be super funded and I need someone to assure me that I am picking the correct class to main and that all the funding would not go to waste.

    I am really interested in bosses such as Magnus and ra bosses. Do you think wind archers can do well against them compared to mm's and bm's since they have the 50% physical damage resist thingy (the beginner skill). Do you think wind walk gives them a good advantage for dodging if mastered?

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    WAs have good hit/s, but they have virtually no %IgnorePDR. ANY class, at the upper funding limit, can kill anything... you just need the right stuff on your potentials.

    IMO for a WA, you must have at least 40+30%IgnorePDR, and all of the other usual lines, to boss effectively. It's a great class, esp. with Wind Walk, and it's quite fun and flashy.


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    Last I checked, they have 15% ignore pdr buff, 20% ignore on song of heaven, and a lower target's pdr by 10% (like threaten) with emerald dust. Seemed fine to me, but emerald dust isn't practical if you're doing a short term boss like dojo ones.

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    why not the secret archer class? The phantom!

    I'd recommend explorers only anyways, since they get nice revamps every few months and they ARE pretty strong now..

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    Ok I missed the 15%PDRignore on Albatross Maximum. Better than none I guess, but insufficient altogether. The 15+10% just doesn't stand up against a solid 25% from other classes when attacking bosses with >=50%PDR.


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    You missed the song of heaven again, thats 20% built in hyper and 20% boss damage. I don't know what else you are going to fire on a boss, I would never think of firing vortex on something like Magnus. Most jobs only have say around 30% ignore pdr max. This job at least has 3 types of ignore pdr around.

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    All classes with Hyper skills will have a primary offensive skill that is Reinforced and possibly Ignore Guard/Boss Killer. That goes without saying. Yes so what I didn't mention Hypers? Yes I missed a couple of lines here and there from the skills. Does it change the argument? Do you know the implications of those numbers? You should read below, as should the OP @Hakudouchi;.


    The point is: if you want to boss, being below average/normal is not enough. You want a summed PDRignore of at least 50% to boss somewhat decently -- throw yourself against Hilla, with a PDR of 50% and check the numbers, and you'll find that the difference is big between classes that are below average (~20-25%), normal (~30-35%), better (40-45%), and excellent (>=50%). Now look at how many classes are "excellent".

    Let's answer OP's question: compare WA with other bow-type classes, so let's use Hilla (50%) as a normal Boss. No other potential lines.


    Crunching it out with Hilla's 50%PDR, the above classes do the following percentage of their full DPS (formula being DPS = 1 - PDR*PRF):

    MMs: 1 - 0.5*0.3 = 0.85 => 85% for 60 seconds, and 1 - 0.5*0.24 = 0.88 for 30 seconds (about the same generally but still significant in the long run).
    BMs: 1 - 0.5*0.54 = 0.73 => 73%
    WHs: 1 - 0.5*0.56 = 0.72 => 72%
    Mercs: 1 - 0.5*0.384 = 0.808 => 80.8%
    WA: 1 - 0.5*0.612 = 0.694 => 69.4%

    In short, WAs are crap compared to other archers. Don't believe me? Go see JoeTang's thread here: Look at how much damage you lose by the time you hit 100%PDR. BMs lose about 2/3, MMs about 2/5, Mercs about 2/5, WHs about 3/5, and WA about 3/4.

    Survivability, ask someone else. @Marksman Bryan; @DavyJonesx;.

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    Any boss that doesn't do %hp based attacks is a laugh to survive as a marksman.

    Madman ranmaru hits what? 4k instead of 20k?
    As long as you keep attacking and have your shield up, you can survive easily in any training map as well. Warrior grounds hits me for 1k damage if I even get hit at all.

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    Before RED, Madman Ranmaru could hit my Marksman for up to 80k if he powered up. Now I laugh his hits off.

    As for survivability as a Marksman, this is the damage I took at Ancient Golems:

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    Wut... then my Luminous and Paladin... brb re-gearing my MM.


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    To further level Zero vs Marksman before I catch back up in other vidya games. I'm so torn.

    lol, Paladins still spit in the face of %-based attacks. Luminous, can't say the same.

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    Our Dark Blessing orbs do negate 1/1 damage (mana goes to 1 though), and we do guard at a reasonable rate, but I haven't been fighting enough bosses with %HP attack so I can't vouch for that. Nonetheless my Luminous is strong enough to tank about 50k damage (that is, not DR obviously). Enough for most purposes, but obviously no one except DAs will go and tank stuff like Arky's screen crash and Vellum's Hyper Beam.


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    General consensus, since its easier and cheaper to rack up ignore pdr from GMS (ignore nebs, leafre codex, lum link, zero link, pirate deck, sweetwater or fafnir, emblems if you don't get % atk) I would usually tend to ignore what base ignore pdr of a class itself. However, I will admit I've played a number of them with low ignore pdr, which is why from my standpoint, they look just fine. Speaking even from a phantom's perspective (even though all they have is 30%), I barely lose out to any other jobs anywhere maybe other than being unable to ignore super def up and DR 100% of the time. I don't have experience with bowmans, but I was basing it from what I seen in some of other classes' performances.

    Can't help much about ranmaru and such, mostly based on defense and other things like zero's link. I've actually tanked madman ranmaru with just a plain 38k hp easily on a xenon. Perks up to MM for having great survivability now.

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    I didn't realize Marksmen got so tanky. That's interesting.

    That's impossible, DAs can have like, 500k HP max, and Arky's screen crash does 999,999. Paladins have a very nice time ignoring it with Sarcosanctity, and even Divine Shield's guards. I believe bishops can do something similiar with Holy Magic Shell, and Kanna with foxfires?

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    WTH?? how MM can do that? O_O

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    Thanks for the feedback, i'm not good with the maths so i'm going to believe you anyway :)

    Also can i ask did you include the 50% physical element resist in your calculations? Doesn't that boost their damage alot vs bosses such as magnus PB RA hilla etc compared to other archers (i'm assuming on WA has the physical element resist)

    I'm probably going to main a WA anyway because i kinda like their skills .. haha

    Edit: Also another question if no one minds, do WA's benefit from decent speed infusion gloves/green pots? I'm kinda assuming it boosts spiral vortex but not sky song - but don't you use only sky song on bosses? confused...


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    Aggressive Resistance gives you a shield that absorbs damage. The more damage the marksman does, the more damage the shield can take.

    And since Marksmen are the master race it's made of adamantium.

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    No I didn't factor in physical resistance. I can't generalise it for all bosses.

    Sky Song doesn't benefit from DSI, not unless they break the skill delay formula (again) or alter the coding/tags somewhere.

    If you have a boss with more than 1 body part, you should be using Spiral Vortex (I think). Spiral Vortex is quite a sick skill actually.




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