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  1. Default Weird Things about Paladin?

    Well, I don't know if it's just some misunderstandings I have on my part or it's the game, but I want to ask about a couple things regarding paladin:

    1) Has anyone had any trouble with Paladin's Revive skill? I tried reviving a friend of mine at magnus, and I had to either spam the dam thing over 10 times in order for it to work or give up on it because of massive bombs falling. Also does the invincibility part work as well, since me and my friend were def not invincible after it did work once [thought it would be like sacrosanity invincibility.]

    2) Does threaten and it's hyper work for party members? My friend said his damage was the same after I threatened but we arent sure because his damage is all over the place...I know my damage goes up but I never thought it wouldn't work in a party.

    3) Do the charges actually give boosts to each other? Because I haven't honestly seen a damage increase when i had them macroed in the right order...

    4) Lightling charge is OP..I mean very op. To the point where I thinkif I just spam that with holy that it might actually be more damage over blast due to my 100% crit rate [plus it feelslike both charges come out faster than 1 blast...] Is that how it's suppose to be? And is blast really that much better on boss monsters?

    5) I thought paladins can reach 20k def with this update, but mine showsme capped at 9999. Is itjust a visual thing and the game still calculates over that or is it really capped?

    6) Is there really any time to use heaven's hammer because seriously this thing doesn't seem good at all...

    Thanks for any responses~

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    1) I've only had the opportunity to use the revive skill once. It worked with no issues, but I didn't stop to see if I was invincible... I was at golems, and I'm largely invincible to them anyway.

    2) Threaten has always worked for party members, or anyone else on the map. It has always worked by directly affecting the monster, rather than you or your party member. I haven't noticed any differences lately. As for seeing a damage increase while attacking a threatened monster... that depends on the monsters pdr and the attackers pdr. If your friend has fairly high pdr already, he may not notice much of an increase... I only use threaten on bosses, it's usually a bit of a waste on regular mobs. Unless you are in a really squishy party and you want to decrease the damage they are taking from tough mobs.

    3) The boosts from using different charges supposedly comes from the status effects... Like a mob that is on fire due to using fire charge will take bonus damage if you hit it with ice charge. No, I haven't noticed this to be a big deal in terms of visible damage numbers. Far easier to just build my charge counter and blast buff then spam lightning...

    4) Yes, lightning is the king of the charges now. It's due to all the various passive boosts that stack up from charges, especially Void Elemental, which for some reason doesn't affect Holy charge... Which kind of stinks considering that Holy is the only 4th job charge, thus the only one to get the effects of Combat Orders.

    As for blast, yeah, it's dissappointing that it seems weaker now, compared to the charge attacks. But with all three blast hyper skills, and charge counter/blast buff on... it out-damages lightning due to having so many lines of damage (uh, 9 lines I think?)

    To get your best damage in most situations, build your charge counter to 5, use blast once (will give you the blast buff icon, and the charge count will disappear), then build your charge count to 5 again. Then spam lightning charge until the blast buff wears off, and lather, rinse, repeat.
    (I also tend to have void elemental on all the time too, it passively boosts flame, ice, and lightning charge, but doesn't nothing for divine charge [lame!])

    5) Yeah, the 20k def DOESN'T show on your stat window. But supposedly it's there... Seems like a visual glitch that they will be in no hurry to fix.

    6) Heaven's Hammer has always had weird mechanics... On normal mobs, it brings them down to 1hp. Which isn't useful most of the time... On bosses and sub-bosses/"special monsters" it does the stated damage. It's so slow to cast, that it's not useful on bosses. But, on special mobs is where it shines. Like HOH or Golems in TP... it does mega damage. I've fallen in love with it all over again at Golems, hahahaa.

    Hope this helps...

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    1) tested: if a player's death count = 0, they are unable to be revivied. the invincibility does work, just not in every single situation >_<!

    2) threaten, without the hyper bonus, is currently not working. however, the effect will work for the entire party. threaten is a boss debuff.

    3) for the most part, every charge is not currently working as intended. certain charges seem to buff themselves instead of a different charge. certain charges give zero elemental weakness bonus.

    4) for single target, blast will win. for multiple targets, lightning charge is the strongest (until charges are fixed) i believe divine charge will be stronger, only when hitting a "knock-out" (stunned) target. so when the charge bonus' are properly scripted, your macros will be good.

    5) this is under debate. its been shown both to work, and not to work. the stat window has a visual cap of 9999. personally tested: a reduction in damage after getting charges.

    6) i like using HH on zak arms, or HT pieces. in a boss situation where your charge hits everything that HH would hit, the overall dps lowers if you use HH. oh yeah and HH is great at warrior grounds!

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    I haven't done any testing yet, but now I'm intrigued... Didn't know charges were that out of whack.

    So threaten, without hyperskill points, isn't working? Is it giving the full pdr WITH hyper?

    I was never sure if threaten with it's hyper gave a true 50%pdr or 2 sources 30%, then 20% from the hyperskill.

    Don't feel like resetting my hyperskill points just to test, but I'm sort of curious enough to.

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    1) Don't party, so idk.
    2) Didn't add the Hyper skill point to this skill, so idk too. But Threaten by itself does work. Tested on Hilla myself many times.
    3/4) For single target, especially with Hypers, Blast wins Lightning Charge (by a decent amount). For everything else, use Lightning Charge. Charge effects do work (Fire --> Ice, Ice --> Lightning etc.) but its relatively minor... DoT with Fire is abit weak IMO. Holy can go to hell unless you are walking around with about 200%DMG/Boss.
    5) Not that funded to reach that amount of DEF so idk.
    6) Up to you to decide.


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    They seem to have fixed Paladin's 20000 DEF by the way, now I am correctly taking 1 damage in Warrior Grounds.

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    Oh i've been meaning to ask this for awhile hadriel. How much total damage does paladin come with without cubing? It seems like it has so much passively that getting any total damage line will seriously be a waste...

    BTW thanks all for your replys!

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    See this post:

    In essence, Xenons and Paladins suffer greatly because of the variables used. The values put on the first spoiler show the basic stuff that you have "on the go" (I've not included Hyper Reinforce skills btw). So spamming Blast will give you a going rate of 97%DMG from skills itself, which will immediately decrease the effectiveness of %Boss stuff by half (so if you were expecting 40%Boss to increase your DPS by 40%, it's wrong because your base damage is actually about 200%, not a base of 100%). If you consider Fire or Blizzard Charge, these come with 280%DMG on top of that 97% because of the skill damage enhancements from Void and CO. Lightning Charge comes with an innate 210% from Void only. Now think about your %Boss lines of yours...



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    So basically moral of the story, do not cube for % damage, and maybe not even boss damage to a high degree. Focus on att % and def ignore hmm...

    Well I gues it's still better than my DS...

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    even without being a paladin, with all the extra bossing sources from fafnir set, i cubed for atk or ignore, just for balance.

    thanks to a %atk vs %boss thread i read



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