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  1. Default Socket Drills d/c?

    Trying to use nebulite socket drills d/cs me... I'm not sure why. I DO remember that once (exactly once) I didn't d/c while using a drill, but every other time I gotta relog..Really annoying. The drills work though, I log back in and the socket's on the item. Just really stupid that I have to login 15+ times to socket my items.

  2. Default Re: Socket Drills d/c?

    I got this too.

    Error code 5 access is denied when ms crashed or something

  3. Default Re: Socket Drills d/c?

    I get this randomly myself. I'm not sure if it has to do with low inventory space though. Most of the time I was carrying too many boxes and stuff. Exactly the same error code as above.

  4. Default Re: Socket Drills d/c?

    Happens every now and then for me as well. At least the Socket still gets added even if you crash.



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