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Thread: [GMS] GMS v143 - RED 1st Part

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    Looks like they're actually trying to take the "A Better Maple" survey into consideration :D

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    Approaching 24 hours....

    God I'm tired.

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    Were you up all those hours?
    Also, now I wish I'd transferred those tickets

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    Not for all of them but a good chunk.

    I just want my FM spot

    The RED ticket thing is so unnecessary >.<

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    Really Nexon? 1h Sword is Fast(5), yet the 1h Axe and BW are Normal(6). I thought we got rid of that pomegranate a long time ago.
    Although I find it rather amusing the 2h Axe and BW have 2 more attack compared to the 2h Sword and all three are Normal(6).

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    Gotta reward those dedicated Axe Heroes and Hammer Paladins somehow

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    what im curious now is if you can wear a zero gratias ring and a pitavol adventurer ring together for a 30% critical boost. Doubt it though xD

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    I really should document this pomegranate somewhere.

    I had tested if your absolute Max HP affected it which it didn't, but I never actually confirmed if your currentHP/maxHP ratio affected how much of the 110% you gain.
    It's possible, but unlikely, that I either did not have enough Max HP or need to be a Dark Knight or some other retarded thing, but the damage worked out to be whatever Gungir's base% was * whatever total damage + 110% based on hp * critical I had etc.

    I honestly can't recall everything that needs testing from RED, but I do remember that I wanted to know if Paladin's charge bonuses were +Total Damage%, +Base%, etc and if Blast actually consumed Elemental Charges.

    Oh and Shadower's Meso Explosion stacking Prime Critical and hitting over 15 times on a single target that @ChronosXIII brought up again.

    Not sure about anything else but if there's something anyone's unsure about, post in the appropriate %/s thread and maybe someone who has one of those characters can take a look now that RED is (almost lel) here.
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    hmm don't have to drive Pianus to extinction in order to get Hero's Will any more.

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    After evo came out, you didn't even have to kill a real pianus :P VIRTUAL FISH

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    whoa whoa whoa, hold here for a moment, i thought the agreed formula had been gungnir*(gungnir total damage bonus+crossover chain+boss damage bonus/pot, etc+total damage bonus, pot, etc)

    are you saying it's (320+110%)*all other total damage bonuses?

    can't help you with paladins unfortunately :X well i do have one but i dunno exactly what i'd have to do/look for.

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    I can help with the paladin stuff o....o, but like shinkudragon said, i dont know what to look for or do. Level 201 paladin~

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    No you're right, it's the one that you thought, not the thing I wrote. It's late and I've been studying too long.

    1. Does Blast actually use Elemental Charges to cast or is it just a requirement?
    2. Damage range calculation to confirm that Combat Orders and Void Elemental are +Total Damage. Would just need screenshots of range and a list of all your total damage sources (showing with and without Void Elemental to confirm the %) and defense ignore.
    3. Damage before and after the bonus of using two complementing charges (i.e. Blizzard Charge alone vs Blizzard Charge + while Flame Charge's DoT is active)

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    ill get to work on it as soon as my prepatcher is doneeee q.q, do you want me to pm you the results?


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    Wait wait they finally added those book weapons into the game as regular weapons?

    lf> those plus anvils

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    15 star enhancement scrolls that have a 100% success rate???
    Say whaaaaaaat..

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    someone has a dps/m chart for this red patch? most of them are outdated

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    Sorry, but if you could also upload the new potential list for us.


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    Wait, wasn't Frozen Orb supposed to have no cooldown and ignore DR? :/

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    It uses them and then you have to re use all 5 charges to get them back... So, I guess that paladins need Buff duration.

    Things that I noticed:

    Lighting charge is like 2x times stronger than Holy charge (both maxed and with CO) when used alone.

    Blast's buff applies to all skills. So, it's useful for training.



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