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    I was wondering: unlike the unleased coiins event in GMS, was RED coins used to be easy to get?

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    I think in kms you could get;
    -20 coins a day from drops
    -63 +108 +38 coins from attendance events
    -Some pq in Omega sector gave coins too dunno how much
    -Every hot time gave like at least 10 coins too I think
    -Some kinda bingo event that gave coins if you won
    -500 coins from doing the Zero story
    And more events idk.
    But it doesn't seem that hard to farm coins.

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    Almost like what Davy Jones said,

    -20 coins per day from boxes
    -Mesoranger event gave 1-3 coins, depending on the mode and the rank you got - 10 PER DAY LIMIT
    -Attendance check event usually gives a good amount of coins on the last day (50 coins)
    -Zero story line gives 500 TOTAL coins (coins rewarded every chapter completed)
    -Bingo event gave 1,2, or 5 coins depending on what place you got (3rd, 2nd, 1st) - 10 PER DAY LIMIT
    -Hot Day rewards will give out coins as well. (Around 5-20, since that what it was in KMS)

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    I don't think that matters a lot when nexon's been giving out red tickets like crazy. People farmed thousands of tickets already, which is like 10k+ coins. I farmed hot time with my accounts and I would have 200 tickets from it alone.

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    I farmed hot time tickets too but didnt bought any tickets, and i have like 34 tickets ( i have only 1 account for my own computer)

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    I think I got around 100 going from 10-100 on my BM. I only did a little of the Mesoranger event and a small number of the hot days. Most of mine came from the ice cube use drops.

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    If you're like me and plan to finish 7+ pieces of gear using the RED Shop, getting more for free certainly can't hurt.
    I was only doing 13 accounts for Hot Time and I'd rather not spend money on more if I don't have to.

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    Jesus Christ...what? I doubt that.

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    Believe it or not...
    It happened bruh.



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